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Monday, February 04, 2008

Couldn't think of a better title.

Annnnyway. I haven't posted in a few so thought I should. I haven't been up to a whole awful lot but I have a few things to share.

I went to knitting group on Saturday, and it was the first time in ten days LITERALLY that I got out of the house. I DID manage to remember to bring my camera. But forgot to take any pictures. Sigh. Maybe next time. It was a blast though. I stayed much longer than I planned and there were so many of us this time! Food, knitting, spinning, and fun conversation. The next one is in two weeks and I cannot wait.

While there I finished spinning the second bobbin of the superwash bfl. Then last night I plied it. I think this is by far my favorite skein of yarn I've spun. It's soft and gorgeous and I'm so in love with it. This is also the thickest I've been able to spin! I thought I'd be stuck spinning lace-weight forever. There are 330 something yards and I'm going to make some socks with it.I've been knitting on other stuff. Mostly socks and my forest canopy. No real visible progress so no other knitting pics.

I will leave you with this picture. I saw these at wally world and thought Nick would loooove them. I got them out and said "Here momma got you some bunny ears, put them on!" and he goes "No, I no put on bunny ears." So I got Alexis to put them on. Love the funny face she's making. And you know of course, now he likes them, since SHE had them on. Lol.


Opal said...

I'm so glad you had a good time at your knitting group! Your handspun is gorgeous. It looks really soft. Alexis looks adorable in her bunny ears!

Knits & Stitches said...

Yeah, I love trying to things. I get bored easily.

Melissa said...

Love the yarn and the bunny ears! :) Awesome! :)

Logan said...

Awww, she's so cute. Reminds me of my youngest brother, he always makes weird faces.

Like in this picture, from Christmas last year:

I haven't tried any spinning in a while. (It's kind of weird having a huge ball of wool that looks like someone's head in my dorm room.) I need to practice more.

Yours looks so good, though! Makes me want to get better at it.

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