Tiny Sock!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Just a drive by blog post here:

Finished the first Carolina sock. It seems teeny tiny b/c my sister has teeny tiny feet! It's really only an inch shorter than mine are usually.I have been lazy about photographing stuff as it comes in lately. I've got a few rovings from the past month that I never took pictures of at all and I thought I should add them to my Ravelry before I forget I have them.

This one is 4.2 ounces of bfl in Glade from Pigeonroof Studios. I have two more of hers on the way as well.
Some Funky Carolina: this one is corriedale and not that soft but I liked the colors. 4 ounces in Peach Cobbler.4 ounces of bfl in Meredith.
4 ounces of gorgeous merino silk in Wonder.
Then I got some targhee awhile back from Spinning Bunny. One in Roses for You,
and one in Hibiscus.
I'm dying to spin one since it feels so much different than other wools. I've got 8 ounces of targhee I got from Paradise Fibers to dye as well, and it feels different than even this targhee. I've also got some superfine merino to dye which is GORGEOUS.

Did I mention that I've got some Rambouillet on the way? No probably not. A pound to try out. Probably will dye it and sell the majority. We'll see depending on what it's like! I've also got a batt of a rambouillet silk blend to try out.

Don't ask what else is on the way. I went a bit nuts with a small tiny portion of the tax return. I really need to go on another diet after all this. Ok well I'll tell you anyway. I got some zephyr wool silk from Sarah's Yarns for a few shawls, and some undyed from Catnip Yarns to dye for a swap and another shawl I want a particular color for.

I bought some art from a friend, they are gorgeous, I'll show those off later.

Now it's off to bed, I'm tired and it's almost 1 am. I haven't been up this late in AGES.


Opal said...

You are NOT helping my yarn/roving diet! *gah* ;)

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