Thursday, February 14, 2008

So I still have no real pictures to show. The only pictures I took were of my Tendril Embrace socks and I can't show you those. Not yet anyway. I still have the thumb to finish on the baby mitten. I'm not in a rush because Chad doesn't see Sean often. I will finish it soon though because I need the needles for my gloves. I still haven't ripped the start of the first one out yet. It's too pretty! I don't want to rip it until I know I'm starting it again, and I can't start it over until I finish the baby mitten. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

I've been working on other things though. Melissa and I have been planning to do the Charlotte's Web shawl, and I asked her when she wanted to start it. Her answer was that we should each finish off three WIP's first. And my baby mittens don't count lol. So I set to work on my Forest Canopy and finished it yesterday! I was further than I thought. I was at 10 repeats and was thinking I had to do 15, but I only needed to do 11. So I did that and then on to the border. I have to block it still which means cleaning out the kids play area, since that's the only place I can pin it out. I usually have to block overnight as well, since I obviously can't have them in there while the shawl is, and with all of those pins.

But that's finished. So I'm pretty happy about that. It's my second shawl knit from handspun. Speaking of handspun and this is a tangent real quick...I soaked my superwash bfl that I spun for socks, remember it? Well some of the dye came out and now the white parts of the yarn are dingy. I'm a little disturbed about that. I almost don't even want to knit with it because it looks different...but it smells SO good now since I used soak on it and it's even softer than it was before. It fluffed up a TON and it's still pretty. Just weird that it did that...

Ok back to the shawls thing. So after that one was off the needles I dug out the shawl I'm doing for the knitters project. It's that spring things shawl in sage zephyr. I really don't know why I haven't been knitting it, because I love the pattern and the yarn. I think it's the tags. I like writing them, but they weigh the shawl down and tangle the yarn and are in the way. I'd like to finish it though because it will need to be sent off soon. I can't wait to get to the part when I can put the beads on.

So that is my plan, and it should be the second thing I will finish of the three I have to do before I can knit the other shawl. Then I need to finish one more thing and it will probably be a pair of socks. I don't care which ones, I just want a pair done.

Besides that stuff I plan to dig out my mystery shawl and work on that. I'm close to being halfway. I need to finish it. It's so pretty anyway, I'd love to have it done. That and I have like five more shawls I want to knit...Clapotis...well I'm counting that as a scarf since that's how I wear mine. There's the Juno Regina I'm spinning for. There are so many others as well. I think I finally picked a shawl to knit with my Melon seasilk. And there are countless others I need to buy yarn for. I just realized that I have almost NO lace yarn. And tons of shawls that I want to knit, which need more than the 600 yard balls of several colors of zephyr I have. So I plan to start stocking up on the lace, now that I have PLENTY of sock yarn.

Ok well for not much going on I sure do have a lot to say...I think sometimes I use this blog as a substitute for a journal. I used to write in a journal everyday for years. I don't anymore and I do miss it. It's just that Chad is nosy and wants to read everything I'm writing. And it's not like I'm writing anything major but it's like having someone reading your mind you know? It's personal. And I just like it to stay that way. I used to write when he wasn't home, I might have to start that again lol. It would help me keep track of things I think. I used to refer to my journals a lot about events that had happened.

Nicholas goes for surgery Monday to fix his teeth. I'm a bit nervous since they have to put him under to do it. Chad took the day off to go and I think I'm going to let my mother in law go with them and I will stay home with Alexis. It's not that I don't want to go, but I have a hard time watching them do things to my kids. They will have to run an iv and put a tube down his throat, and I can't handle that. I get sick when they do that stuff to me. I'm a wreck when I think about it. Gayleen my MIL worked at the hospital years ago before her injury and knows what they will be doing and handles it better. Plus I think she wants to go for some reason. I will wait home with Alexis and worry and take care of him when he comes home. Monday is going to be a long day...

Since there are no good pictures I'll leave you with a sparkly. I took my wedding ring set in to size it down half a size and it doesn't seem like they did anything, they are still too loose. BUT they cleaned them and did an acid bath and they are looking brand new. They had a yellowish tint to them from wear before. I can't stop looking at them now! Just like when he first gave them to me...(Man I sure know how to ramble on...)


Melissa said...


Opal said...

You know, I keep my knitting blog strictly about knitting. Well as much as possible. But I do have a Live Journal where I tend to ramble on. It's nice to have a separate place to ramble and rant. You can also set security settings and select who you want to view the entries. :)

Valerie said...

Beautiful rings. I do the same thing that Opal does now. I realized that my knitting blog was becoming more of a personal blog. So I separated it so people who wanted to read about my life could go there.

Good Luck to Nicholas!!

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