An unexpected visitor...

Monday, February 11, 2008

drops in. Unexpected and most UNWELCOME. So last night, I'm sitting here at the computer and knitting on this:
It's the second toddler mitten if you remember. Chad's buddy Sean and his wife Sadie have a son that just turned one. I made them a hat for him ages ago and I guess they loved it to pieces but it no longer fits. They want another, and that made me think of these mittens. So I'm knitting the second one now. They should fit Syler perfectly.

Anywho, back to my story. I'm knitting along and it's almost time for bed, so I'm trying to relax and feel sleepy since I have to be up in FIVE hours. Suddenly I feel something graze my skin. Now, my hair sheds a lot, so I usually assume that's what it is. And I'm wearing a v-neck, so it's entirely possible that it's a hair tickling me. So I lift up the bottom of my shirt and find this:
I know it's hard to see but look in the bottom of the bottle. See that black spider? Yeah. THAT'S what was IN MY SHIRT. I was screaming and freaking out, and Chad's looking at me like WTF? Anyway he did find it on the floor where I had brushed it off me and he caught it in the bottle. FRIGGEN GROSS. I'm assuming it dropped from the ceiling but who knows. Sheesh. I'm still disgusted and my skin crawls when I think about it.

The only ONLY good thing is it is just a little black house spider. OMG if it'd been a Hobo spider, I would have really freaked out. They are at LEAST two or three times that size, and if they bite you get big holes where the skin gets nasty and just like, dies.

So that was really relaxing...NOT.

Either way there hasn't been much other progress. I discovered on my mitten for me, the brown and mint one from the last post, I'm using the wrong size needles and it's too big. So I need to rip and redo in the right size. That's ok though, I didn't get too far, so I'd rather realize it now. I have been knitting on all the other things too at different times. I should finish the mitten tonight, and then I will probably work on the carolina sock. I decided the pair will be for my sister. I owe her big time. And have repeatedly promised socks. They are totally her colors, so they will be hers. I will probably rip out the mitten too since I haven't done that, and rewind the balls or something.

Ok well that's it for my meager update. More when I get something done!


Opal said...

Oh wow. I would have freaked out if I found a spider *in* my shirt too.

Cute mitten!

amanda said...

Yikes! I found a big black spider on my curtain last week. I think the warmish weather we've had screws up their hibernation (or whatever bugs do in the winter).

Logan said...

That sucks. I like spiders...but not in my shirt.

I remember once when I was twelve, I was outside (during the summer) and I felt something weird on my tongue, and I scraped it off and there had been a daddy long leg, ON my TONGUE. I seriously have no idea how a spider could have gotten into my mouth without me noticing, but it was terrifying.

starrgirl's world said...

OMG - bugs of any kind do me in as well. I will smash them in self defense since I HAVE to, but it totally grosses me out!! and I wanted to tell you - I listed my ATC/ACEO cards on ebay for sale tonite. If I could remember your email I would send you the link! They are only on for three days (until Saturday), so if you are interested, email me! Much love to you and your family. And NO BUGS!! EWWWW!!!

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