Friday, February 08, 2008

I have slowed down a bit on my blogging. Mostly because most of my projects I'm working on are at the point where they don't look any different than they did last time I showed them. I do finally have some progress shots though, so here ya go.

First up is my forest canopy which has grown immensely since my last shot of it. I really like how it's going and it's sooooo easy to knit. I've got a few more repeats of the body to go before I hit the border.
Next we have my Marilinda sock. After a day of knitting I finished the heel and it's gorgeous. I apologize for the cruddy pic but Chad took it and it was night...
Then I have two new projects to show off. First up is my sock that I'm knitting for the Sock Stash Elimination Campaign. This months "orders" were to knit a sock that was designed by Mama Monkey, in honor of her passing. Anyone who knits a pair of her socks will be put in a drawing and I've donated some roving for the prize. It's not yet dyed so I can't show you, but I'll be doing that soon and it will be up on that blog.

Anyway, this is the Carolina sock, but I've made a few modifications. It didn't look good in the self striping yarn and the purl rows, so I omitted those and did a knit row in it's place. I also changed the knit-3-together to a slip 2 as if to knit-knit 1- pass 2 slipped stitches over. It's neater, since in the original version, the k3tog was hidden a bit by the purl row. I really like how this one is coming out, it's super easy to knit, so it's good knitting when you can't concentrate much. Sorry the picture came out so dark...not sure what happened there.
Lastly I started another pair of Selbuvotter mittens. I couldn't help myself after I picked up a few more colors of the Baby Ull. This is mitten pair NHM #7, but I'm using the cuff, and probably the thumb of NHM #9. I think it's going well so far and I love the colors. I also got more black and a baby blue to match my coat, well both coats actually. I still have the red and white too. Oh, and what's that plastic thing you ask? Why that my dears is a NeedleKeep. I got two of them in sizes 6 and 7 inches from Marelle on etsy. I love them to pieces. I was always too afraid to take my socks or things on dpn's with me anywhere since they could break. These are made from PVC pipe so they are really sturdy and I don't have to worry anymore! Now I can take things and throw them in my sock bag, and they are good to go. I definitely recommend getting them if you are worried about that like I was. One cap is fixed on there permanently and the other cap is attached to it with elastic, and that's what keeps it on the end. The removable end has a charm on it so you know which one to pull on. You can't see it in my pic, but I have a kitty on the right side. Either way, now I want the other sizes, since I also have dpns that are 5 and 8 inches. So I'll be buying two more of them eventually.

I'm spinning still, some lace from bfl. I'm hoping to get a good amount to use for the Juno Regina shawl/stole on That's the main stuff right now. So I'm off to go feed the kids lunch now. And me, I'm craving some salad with chicken and shredded cheese...yum!


Opal said...

Oh I love the Marilinda sock! Those cables really pop. Can't wait to see that shawl of yours blocked. Those Needle Keepers are really nifty! Thanks for the link.

I totally understand about the blogging lag. It's hard to keep it going when there isn't much blog fodder to be found.

Valerie said...

Those mittens looks so neat! I can't wait to see them finished.

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