Just a bit of an update.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So things with Nicholas went fine yesterday. He had a blast in the waiting areas they had. There were a couple of those little cars they can get in and move like Fred Flintstone. They gave him stuff to calm down and after that he was soooo out of it. I took pictures, I was cracking up. His eyes are actually open but it's hard to tell. He had to lean on my MIL because he wasn't strong enough to sit up at that point.
Anyway, it did wonders to calm him down. He didn't even make a peep when they rolled him out of the room.On the way home he was groggy but feeling a bit better. We had our sun glasses on so of course he had to have some too.I did get to knit while he was in the O.R. but not a whole lot. I spent some of it snacking, and some watching stupid tv. I was hoping to have made a bit of progress on the scarf. I did maybe an inch or two...

I almost forgot to mention that I made it to knit group on Saturday. We meet every other week just about at Paradise Fibers. Check out this huge back room they've got!
See all the wheels they moved out of the way for us? They are back behind the ladies to the left. All set up to test, etc. It's hard to not go there and want to buy EVERYTHING.
It was a small group this time but we had a lot of fun. I love that there is enough room for us to bring our wheels.

Other than that the only other new thing is I got my hair done! FINALLY. I feel like it's been forever. I dyed it a dark black, with a purple hue to it which will only show in the sun. I cut it a bit short again. At least, short for me. Anything shoulder length and up is short. I like how it came out and am glad to feel like it's decent looking again lol. My highlights were SO grown out and bad.Well that's about it right now. More when I have it!


Opal said...

I love that picture of Nicholas in his shades. He looks so hip and cool. :)

You're knitting group has a great place to meet! Do you guys get to shop the store after hours? Because that would be *really* dangerous.

Valerie said...

I happy to hear that Nicholas trooped through the hospital trip! He looks too cute in those sunglasses.

Also, I love the black hair, it suits you!

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