Lace Galore

Thursday, February 28, 2008

After getting the mail today I now have more lace than I can handle. And boy does that feel good! Lol. I love that I have it all planned out and on hand so when I want to start I can.

First up we have more Jaggerspun from Sarah's Yarns. There is my Pewter zephyr wool silk which I adore. I think I will in fact use this for my wing of the moth shawl and use the white for the lily of the valley. It's very silvery and I think that's the perfect color for moth wings. :)
Next up is my Mulberry superfine merino for the Gretchen shawl.
And then Peacock superfine merino for of course a Pretty as a Peacock shawl.
Here we have some more zephyr wool silk I got in a Ravelry trade. It's Turquoise and very pretty. This is the only lace I have no idea what I will do with yet. Not like I don't have plenty in my queue to choose from...
More lace I traded for on Ravelry...Cashwool in a gorrrrgeous lavender color for the Rona lace shawl. This stuff is beyond soft.
Then there is some sock yarn I bought, yes from Ravelry. It's Yarn Love Juliet and the color is Cloud Nine. Mint green, yellow, white, hot pink, and some lighter pinks. Very pretty!The last thing that was in the mail were some ACEO's that I bought from one of my former secret pals. Well she was my spoiler. I LOVE these. They are about baseball card sized and she has put them in a hard plastic casing and into a plastic bag. I can't wait to find the perfect way to display them on the wall.
I have a few more of these I want from her. Especially because she did a lily of the valley one and I'm a bit obsessive about those. I love that this one is a set though.

I'm halfway through the border on my knitter's project shawl, and hope to finish tonight or tomorrow. I've also been spending some time each day knitting on my ms3. It's going fast, I should be done with this first half soon!

No more news today. It's been pretty boring around here but at least the sun is out today! I had the car window down all the way to the post office. I think it's close to 50 degrees, but it's warm enough for the time of year!

Hopefully there will be a FO in my next to knit on it!


Opal said...

Gorgeous yarn! I adore Zephyr, but I think my favorite of the bunch is the Cashwool. It just sounds so decadent.

starrgirl's world said...

I'm so thrilled to see my cards on your site! And I'm glad you enjoy them. Just wait till you get that Lily of the Valley - it really is scrumptious and I'm glad you are the one who got it - I woulda liked to have kept it myself! I will definitely do more of those as they are so delicate and nice to think about. Much love to your family.

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