Lily of the Valley!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm so bored tonight. I've been doing schoolwork so I finally took a break. Cruising ebay and amazon and stuff. There are these two books I found that I must have. One is Lace Style and it has this gorgeous Lily of the Valley stole/shawl. I LOVE lily of the valley flowers, my absolute favorite. And there are some other pretty things too, a dress, and a cute tank. I had looked at it briefly before but as soon as I saw that shawl, I fell in love. The other one is by Stephanie Japel who is a fabulously talented designer. She just put out a book called Fitted Knits. Gorgeous tops. My favorite one in the book is by far the one used for the cover. Of course you can't see all of it on the cover. But it's totally cute. Either way I loooove those books. I keep looking around to try and find them cheap but we're broke right now anyway lol. I shouldn't even look.

Anywho, in the attempts to stashbust and satisfy the need to start yet another new project, I cast on for a shawl. It's totally cute though. Some yarn I got off ebay at least a year ago. I've got about 400 yards and I thought a cute little triangle shawl would do it. The pattern (Diamond Knit Shawl) is from lion brand's site but their version is totally ugly. One of the gals over at getstitchy tried it out on smaller needles and hers turned out so nice I thought I'd do one too. Anyway this is how it's going. I like it.
I'm also happy that over at the Sexy Knitters blog of which I am a member, the next pattern for the knit-along they are hosting is the Sahara sweater from Stitchdiva. I already have yarn for that as well, so at least I won't need to buy the yarn to do it!

I want an Isabella knit-along. I love that shirt and I've got the yarn for that too. I've got yarn for a lot of things. I just wish I could knit them all at once. Hehe.

I should be finishing my brother's knucks right now...I'm so bold. Instead I'm thinking of ways to procrastinate more. So bad so bad. Or paying the bills darn it. Or seaming my year old sweaters that are hanging around. Ok well I'm gonna get going and do something productive...


crissy said...

i love the shawl pattern and i think the other gal had the right idea so do you using the smaller needles is the key to making that one really nice.
i hear you on figuring out blogs put me on any other site and i think i can work it out but on this blog good luck but i am learning sometimes the hard way too but oh well i keep trying LOL have a good week end and hey its three days long from what i hear :) more time to playyyyyy :)

Valerie said...

The shawl is looking very nice. What's the sexy knitter's group ?

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