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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So I finally got a design done to put up shirts and stuff on Great site, gotta love it. Here's the link for anyone that wants to check it It's just one design but there are more coming. Took me long enough to do this one...and I had to redo them several times b/c I wasn't paying attention! I actually left knitting needles on the crochet version. DUH.

I'm still trucking along with my knitting. Getting much further with Meg's clapotis. Haven't touched my homespun sweater but I saved that for last b/c Meg will be here friday. I started gloves for a friend too b/c they are quick and I promised her ages ago. I like had this need to start something new and I figured I could justify it by at least starting something that I'm supposed to instead of something for me that can wait. So those are mostly done, I'll post pics later.

I realized yesterday that I haven't even started working on anything to submit to knitty this time around. And the due date is the 15th! Argh, but I do have a good idea, something simple but still unique. So we'll see how it goes. If I can get it designed in time. I think I can.

I'm thinking of opening an etsy shop. Not sure if I should. Or if I do, what I should sell. Still debating it...any ideas people? Let me know lol. I'm lost. That and I'm still waiting on my business license crap. Can you believe it? My aunt submitted everything I think, but I don't know b/c she never emails me.

Oh well, I'm off to do some schoolwork. This is my last week, and I've got more to do than I care to think about.


Teresa said... the shirt.

I know how you feel with having way too much to do and not enough time. I also have two kids but DON'T go to school and I'm completely swamped most days! ...I feel your swampedness..

emily brutalitë said...

I love your blog Hattie and support you! I will expand on this topic and my opinions when I get ten damn minutes to myself.

Valerie said...

An etsy shop would be wonderful but then again you know I am behind you on that one. It's funny you should mention the need to start something new. I started digging through my yarn and started my mom's gloves just so I could knit something other than shawls and ponchos. Then I realized well hey I could give this to mom and it would fit into the Stitch For Chicks Along... Sweet! -=giggle=- I LOVE THE PROGRESS BARS YOU MADE ME. -=hugs for you=-

crissy said...

nothing like a good tee shirt.
but even better is something in hand to knit if i am not on line i am digging for the next pattern to knit or trying to come up with one of my own or am busy dreaming on line drueling over yarn and needles LOL
heck i cant even find time to finish the shop i do have. ugh cant we have more energy and more time in one day or week.
oh well . one can only try..

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