How time flies...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So, it's been a quick visit. My sister goes home on Friday morning. It's just amazing how a week can just go by so fast.

We dyed yarn today. I haven't had the time to take pictures. I still have to rinse the silk out some more, for some reason the freaking green and red doesn't want to rinse out. I used the same number of packets, but it won't rinse clear. Driving me batty. I might have to cook it again with some vinegar. Either way, we dyed and it was fun. I'm planning on selling the silk once the color sets. It came out really pretty. I did one red/pink, and the other blue/green. I'm also going to soak it in warm water with fabric softener since it really majorly helped last time.

I haven't done much knitting this week. I am supposed to be finishing Meg's Clapotis, but maybe I can get it done tomorrow. I also have to finish my mom's bag. It needs the lining and the flower still has to be felted.

Chad and I got a little break tonight. Meg agreed to watch the little ones who were apparently very cranky while we were gone. We went and used up our gift card to Olive Garden and went bowling. Although I think I'm getting like arthritis in my hand. I keep getting massive pain in my thumb. My MIL thinks I sprained it. Maybe, I have hit it pretty bad a couple times. But it hurts, that's why I haven't been knitting so much. Maybe the hundreds of hours on the computer are catching up to me. My mom got carpal tunnel at one point. But bowling was fun. I suck, but it was still fun. We don't get a break often. I mean we go to the store together, and run errands, but not just go out with no reason.

So I have more errands tomorrow. Meg has an appt to get her hair highlighted because the Spa I go to for my hair is so freakin amazing. She likes to go here when she visits. I also have to take the baby to an appt, and we'll probably go to the mall after.

Ok well it's late, and I've been up for 17 hours, which is way too long for me. Time to sleep!


Teresa said...

Aw that stinks that your sister is going home so quickly. At least you got a whole week with her though! Oh, and I did yarn dying though. The fabric softener in the water sounds like a great idea. (I really had no idea what I was doing when I was dying the yarn.)

I'd love to see your finished pieces..oh and this art you speak of :D.

crissy said...

i hate it when my hands begin to hurt. which mine did last night so had to stop knitting mine get cramps ugh horrible pain. but it goe away when i put hand warmers on.LOL
i still have to try my hand at dying yarn.just havent gotten there yet same thing with spinning not there yet either.
glad to know your visit is and has gone well. enjoy :)

emily brutalitë said...

I'm seeing my sister next week-- I am super excited. Oh and yarn dying is always awesome. Maybe just cook it in clear water? That might help.

Oh and you soak your yarn in fabric softener? You'll have to explain!

Bajolies, I told myself I was going to read for school... yeah. Anyway, talk to you soon!

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