Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So I logged into classes today to find that they had replaced my advanced class with the one that I failed last term. I was sooo relieved. And this time I have a different instructor, so I'm hoping he'll be a little less picky with the grading. The first guy I had said that by following the assignment and doing what it said, that would only get you a C. He expected you to go way above and beyond. To me that's ridiculous. I mean obviously you should do your best, but what if you've met all the requirements? That should deserve an A, they told you what they wanted and you did it.

Either way, I'm glad and feeling much better about it. I spent a couple of hours last night job hunting as well. Even if it's just a few evenings or the weekend. I have to. It's hard to find anything that is decent and nights or weekends. Most people want you to work more than that. So I'll just keep looking.

Here's another progress pic on my socks. For being knit on toothpick sized needles, they are actually going pretty quick. I'm so making more after this pair. I have to say, I love entrelac and I don't know why. It's just so fun for me. I've already got a design in my head that uses entrelac... I just gotta work it out in my brain.
Here is a pic of Alexis I took today because she's just so darned cute. I love how big her eyes are.
It was nice and sunny out today. Cold though, but the sun was nice to have coming in the window. This is the pic from our downstairs slider, usually Alexis is sitting there looking out and banging her head on the glass. Goofy thing.
I am so freezing today. I have like little itty bitty fingers. My wedding ring finger is a 4.5 and when they get cold, they like shrink so much that the rings want to slide off. It's the most frustrating thing ever. I just want to curl up in bed with something warm. Like the baby lol, she's a little heater.

So I won some yarn off ebay a while back and I should have gotten it by now. I finally emailed the seller, since they don't always contact you when you ship, and she wrote back today. She refunded my payment because somehow, even though she said that there were like 7 or 8 balls, she only had 4 and I bought 5. How do you not know that? And furthermore, how do you not notice that you got paid for a winning auction? I wonder if she was hoping I didn't notice...either way I'm annoyed b/c I got it at a great price and now I'm not getting it at all. Darned ebay sellers.

I also got my software and books today. Maya 8 looks complicated! My textbook is all based on the movie Open Season which is really cool. I'm excited about this class. And I'm not so worried about my Flash class because this time I know what's coming.

Ok well I'm off for now. My freezing fingers don't want to type anymore.


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