It's March!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Well it's officially March and the getStitchy March-a-long is Stitch for Chicks. Meaning make something for a special female in your life. Oh man oh man. This is what I've been needing to finish up that sweater for my mother-in-law. It's the one project I dread more than any other. So now I have a little motivation to do it. I was totally motivated when I started, but I hate knitting with lion brand homespun. I can crochet it no prob, but knitting it...ugh.

I started to seam up the fair isle sweater again, and the world is against me on this! I swear, it's just not right no matter what I do. I may have to frog the seaming again! The sleeve just doesn't want to set in. They did so much goofy shaping, it looks awkward. Really getting on my nerves. I was so thrilled about my lovely beautiful job in doing the fair isle, my first time doing it. Now it's going to be ruined by a screwy seam job. Ah well, I should just shut up and go finish it. I just keep hitting snags and then I don't want to touch it again for a week, or five.

I also started a Clapotis for my sister. I realized the other three balls of silk I dyed weren't enough for the pattern I intended it for. I'm ordering more silk from India and will dye enough this time. So she gets the pink silk. Pictures to come later. I've just gotten to the straight rows in the pattern. It's such a quick knit!

I also ordered two patterns from The one skein wonder, and orangina. One skein Wonder is a cute little shrug, exactly what I've been looking for, knit in heavier weight yarn, and just perfect. Orangina has a great stitch pattern and looks like a flattering top. Anyway check out the site. This woman rocks as a designer and I never realized how many awesome patterns out there of hers I love. Or that I am making/planning on making. She's got some great free patterns too!

Let's see, what else is new. I organized all my yarn. I bought a whole nother plastic bin to put it all in. One of those cheap sterilite ones with clear drawers. I have a smaller one but it doesn't hold much. This one is twice the size and fit nearly everything in it. Including WIP's that I've had hanging around getting tangled or falling off the needles.

I'm also officially a slacker this school term. I have done NOTHING this week in terms of school work. It's very disturbing, but I'm just not in the mood. I'm losing steam and being stuck in the house all the time really gets me down. I barely even want to knit anymore. I did get out today though just to get to the store and mail off some stuff. The sun was out even though it was freezing, and it was so nice. I felt so much better when I got home that I started cleaning. I cleared out my massively cluttered drawers in the bathroom and threw a ton out. I also did the yarn thing and started cleaning the living room which is also a mess b/c I've been too depressed to clean at all. So it was good. I think tomorrow I'll take the munchkin outside to play in the snow and then maybe I'll feel up to getting more work done when we come in.


Sarah said...

i love those patterns, i'm so glad that 'sparrow' posted about her. i love that orangina and i like the 'shrug'-ish thing that buttons with just one big button. i think it might be something my sister would wear and she's pregnant right now, and i think it would look cute on her before and after the baby comes. i just don't know if i could get the yarn and knit it in 10 weeks, which is all she has left!

emily brutalitë said...

I've been lusting after the fitted knits book since I first saw it. I didn't realize that it was her! I love her designs. Anyway, sorry about your slump. You can always come visit me if you need a day or two of rest :).

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