Phew, what a week...!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, my sister finally left us today. She was supposed to leave on Friday, but there were just a crapload of complications. We had some heavy fog that morning and there was a delay for that. Then the plane needed fixing, and there was another delay. Then they discovered the part needed to be flown in from Seattle. More I discovered all this after finally getting home and getting in bed. The phone rings and it's Meg, "Come get me." So I do. All the delays would have caused her to miss all her connecting flights. Then she was told that Albany airport was closed anyway b/c of a huge snowstorm. So we spent Friday catching up on sleep since we had left so early that morning and hadn't felt well either. Then Saturday we just hung around. This morning she left with no problem.

I didn't do much knitting while she was here... I think I sprained my thumb. It's feeling somewhat better now though so I think it's ok. So back to work. I am trying to finish up Meg's Clapotis. I felt bad that I didn't get it finished by the time she left, but she forgot a few things so I'll have to send her a box anyway. My mom's bag is close to being done too, sooo close, I just have to make room to sew the lining... my poor sewing machine is holding all my crap onto my table. Without it the stuff would be creeping off the table. So after those two, on to finishing the homespun hoodie.

I'm also hosting the next "along" at getStitchy. It's called the April Showers-along, and it's all about making stuff for the bath, bathroom, shower, etc. So if anyone is interested, hop on over to the site and sign up!

I finally found out who my secret pal is for secret pal 10. I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to get everything. What a fun thing.

Hmmm what else is new. The last two days here have been beautiful out. 55+ degrees and sunny for a good part of the day. I am so looking forward to spring and summer. I think that the winter really does a number on me. I feel so cruddy, and it's hard to function. Maybe I need to move somewhere warm and sunny...

We had a really close call yesterday. We were running errands and hubby had to get a receipt he left at work to return something at wally-world. His wallet had been on his lap and when he got out it fell on the ground, without him realizing it. So we went to Walmart and when we went to pay he went for his pocket and found it missing. I had mine tho so no really big deal, I told him he had probably left it in the car. We went out and tore the car apart. Nothing. We figured when he got out it fell on the ground and someone had taken it. So he went back in to see if it got turned in. He came out empty handed. Then we all realized that if that's what had happened, it would have happened at his job, not WM. So we sped back and as we turned in we could see it there on the ground. I was soooooo relieved. That would have just been horrible. We are very lucky no one had walked by and found it first!

Oh yeah! Here are my yarn pics!

This first one is the one my sister did. I pretty much just dropped the yarn in a casserole dish , mixed up some kool-aid colors, and let her do what she wanted. It's a combination of Lemonade, Changin Cherry, Arctic Green Apple and Mango. I LOVE it. She didn't like how it came out but I think it's awesome. It's hard to see the variations in the colors but it's so cool.

These two are bulky weight yarn from Knitpicks. I really don't like how they came out. It seemed like they didn't want to take the color very well. I mean it didn't bleed or anything, but the colors aren't as bright. I have another ball in different yarn I did a while ago in the purple/blue/pink colors and it's much prettier. I still have to try dyeing their fingering weight wool/silk blend, but I'm a little disappointed in this one.
These two are my silk jobs. The shinyness makes it hard to see the colors properly. But they are so pretty.

This is some fingering weight dyed with mango and lemonade. It's a tie for my favorite with the one my sister did. It's so soft too. Ok well that's enough for now, I'm gonna get back to knittin!


Teresa said...

Wow, my mother just went on a trip last week to Greece (Yeah, I wish I could have gone too. God knows I need the break.). Her plane was delayed a whole night because of some "part" they needed. It was going to be flown into the Boston airport from Detroit, but it was completely frozen over.

The yarn looks completely awesome! Specially the silk. Wow, It looks so shiny. Usually I figured that it was how they took the pictures from these yarn companies. You know, to catch the shininess and enhance it through light and such. I think I'm in love now LOL!

crissy said...

i love the pics of the yarn as ususal and am looking forward to the new along at stitchy am glad your sis finally got out ok its horrible waiting for planes. delays delays delays. ugh. am really looking forward to summer here too. moving ? did that already i know i would run back here in a matter of months. there is just no place like home LOL

Valerie said...

I am glad your sis finally made it home. Although she came home just in time for more snow. -=giggle=- The yarn looks BEAUTIFUL! One day when you come in this general direction, you're going to have to teach me how to dye yarn. I'll pay with chocolates and goodies!

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