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Monday, March 12, 2007

For the last two days I have been anxiously awaiting to be assigned my secret pal. I just can't wait to start planning what I'm going to make and buy and send. So far, nothing, but I know it will be soon! I know I'm not the only one on the edge of my seat.
Today was the last day of my term. THANK GOD. I was so freaking out. I know I failed the one class, but I should pass the other two. The school's site was having technical difficulties when I took the final for my one class, and so I don't know if it got the answers or not, but I did send an email to my instructor. I hope it made it. And in biology I didn't write my essay long enough, but I couldn't find all the information I was looking for. I figured it was better to get a crappy grade for a too-short essay, than a zero because it was submitted late. Which is what happens. They have no choice. Either way, this was the crappiest term. It really burns me. I worked my ass off last year to keep a 4.0 and now it's down the drain. But I'm trying to not think about it. I'll retake the one class and get back on my feet when things start back up in a week. I'll be back up at the top and that's that.
I finished some gloves for my friend. I have actually had all the knitting done, just had to weave in ends and attach the buttons. Couldn't find my needle with the larger eye to use with yarn. So I just found it and put the buttons on. I'm going to give them to her tomorrow since Meg and I are gonna go to the mall and my friend is meeting us there. I LOVE these gloves. They came out way better than I expected. So I hope she likes them.
I'm also working on Meg's Clapotis. Almost 2/3 of the way done. I'll have it finished before she leaves on friday. It's such an easy pattern. I would have had it done by now but I get bored with it and have to do something else.
I'm also trying to teach Meg to knit, but I think she feels like she's too stupid. She can do the stitches all right but she is having a little trouble with the purls. She twists them the wrong way. But she picked up how to do the long tail cast on really easy, and knitting is easy. So we're working on it. She's never done this before so I keep telling her to be patient. She wants to start making her gloves lol. I keep telling her she needs to practice first so she knows what stitches she's doing. Maybe if we start the gloves though then she will be more motivated. So perhaps tomorrow we can do that.
I finished a hat I started, but of course it's too big for me. I have enough of the yarn to make another though, so I'll do one smaller. I gave it to Meg, since I don't know who else I'd give it to. It came out good though. So I know the second one will be perfect. Not like hats are really needed these days. I went out to feed the deer tonight and it was so warm I wouldn't have needed a sweater. We always get a cold snap though before spring officially comes. Here's a pic of Meg in the hat tho.
I finally got the beads for my pattern to go to knitty. I have it figured out but it takes forever to string on all the beads. So I'll have to hurry up and make it this week. It's due by...thurs. So I don't have much time left. It won't take but an hour or two to knit though once the beads are on.
Meg and I are gonna dye yarn this week. Probably on Tuesday. Since we are going shopping tomorrow. Meg is gonna watch the kids on Wed and hopefully, depending on Chad's mood, we'll go to the olive garden for dinner and bowling. We've had a gift card to the OG since Dec. so we need to use it. And we both love bowling. So we'll see. That's really all that is planned this week though. It's sad that she'll be leaving Friday. I haven't seen her in a year, and all we get is a week, which is flying by.

Ok well that's it for updates right now. :)


Teresa said...

Wow..that's sad you haven't been able to see your sister that much. I can relate, before my mom's wedding, I haven't seen my brother for almost 6 years..and he lived 1 hour south. THAT'S sad! (don't worry, it wasn't from lack of trying.) Hopefully now she'll come by a little bit more.

Those are wonderful gloves! If I made those, my daughter would run off with them (this is probably why I've never been able to knit myself anything.) :)

Valerie said...

I am glad you are having fun but I wish it didn't end so soon. I know that feeling though. I have only seen my dad once, for 5 days, over the course of a year. It stinks being older. -=giggle=- The hat and the gloves came out beautifully dear.

At least I am not the only one who is going out of her mind about this Secret Pal Stuff. I swear I keep hitting the refresh button on my email to see if it's there yet. Well maybe not that bad but you know what I mean. -=giggle=-

crissy said...

i really like how the gloves turned out there are really nice. i wish you well with our schooling and i hope you and your sis have a good time. :)

starrgirl's world said...

Hi Hattie! Secret Pals are revealed! It looks like we have a lot of age difference but many interests in common, so it should be FUN! I can't wait to get to know you better and share our knitting adventures. your new pal,

cecily said...

hiyo...just wanted to make sure you got your sp10 assignment, after i returned your email. please email me back asap. :)


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