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Monday, March 26, 2007

Here's another progress pic of the sock. I am past the heel! This was right after I finished that so I'm further but I don't feel like going and taking a newer pic lol. I've done another pink, blue and am on the second pink row of blocks now. I need to get to five pink rows of blocks and then I increase. Amazingly these socks are knitting up much quicker than I ever thought.

I joined the Create A Long. Which is pretty much like a knit along but you all design your own thing. I think it's fun and is helping me take the time out to actually do some designing instead of just knitting everything else from other people. There are so many great designs out there, but I've also got some ideas I also think are great. So soon as I get everything together I'm gonna get to knitting.

I finished one of my brother's knucks, so I did something good I guess. I am really wishing I had more time to knit! But right now it's bedtime and I'm sleepy so as my son would say: "Night night! Bye! Muah muah muah muah!



Teresa said...

Wow, busy busy busy! Those are awesome socks! I would love to make those, sadly I'm kinda stuck knitting stuff for other people. I'm excited to see what your knucks look like. Deciding to post any picks?

Valerie said...

Those socks look terrific. I can't wait to see what they look like when they're finished.

Anonymous said...

I need to teach myself some entrelac....Those socks are great. I love the colors together.

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