Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just haven't felt like doing much of anything the last few days. It's finally starting to warm up permanently though, and today just sitting out on the porch in the sun while the kids played a little helped.

My secret pal got her package today! I'm so glad she got it and liked everything in it. I can't wait to get the next one out! I'm pretty sure I already know everything I'm going to put in it, I just have one or two more things to get for it. This is soooo much fun! Sign me up for next time!

I restarted my isabella, and I'm a couple inches in. Slow going on size 3's but not too bad. I also started another project from the fitted knits book and have probably 3 more planned after that lol.

Sorry no pic of the rusted root being worn yet, haven't felt up to having my picture taken. Tomorrow though I will try.

I discovered yesterday that I am HIGHLY allergic to alpaca. I had a suspicion but was hoping I was just sensitive to the scratchier stuff. No such luck. I took some baby alpaca and rubbed it all over my neck and arms and wore it for a while like they say. Ten minutes in I was still ok so I figured I was fine. I took it off and put it down for later. A few minutes later I started to feel like my neck and arms were on fire and for the next five hours I was miserable. It was pretty bad. alpaca for me...luckily wool doesn't do that, so i'm good on that end.

Ah well, more later, I've got stuff to do today, school work to finish, and all that jazz.


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