Joyous Day!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Today I received a very special package, from my secret pal!!!

I was so excited I almost forgot to take a picture before tearing into it. Here's a shot of all the pretty wrapping!
This I think is my favorite thing of all...the picture does it no justice whatsoever, it's absolutely beautiful.Washcloths for the whole family!Some pretty smelling soap, mango hand cream, and yummy's really really good....Nemo bath toys for the munchkins! Nick was thrilled, Alexis tried to eat one.Here is the washcloth I started today. It's fun and fast to knit! I love yellow too.And here is a sneak peak at the top I'm designing. Not done yet but soon I hope!
Oh and I keep forgetting to post about this shawl. It's seriously the coolest thing ever. I haven't knit it yet but it's on the list and I just wanted to show it off. It's a very complicated pattern, with pattern stitches on the rs and ws rows but I'm determined that I'm going to make it. I can't wait! First I gotta clear out the pattern queue though because this will take all of my attention and concentration, I know it.That's about it for the updates today, at least this time I included pictures!


Teresa said...

Awesome! Congrats on your package!

The top looks awesome! I'm excited to see the finished stuff!

Valerie said...

Great package! I am loving that top! It's very flattering on you! That shawl looks awesome, I am not brave enough to try something like that out yet though. -=giggle=-

emily brutalitë said...


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