I'm the april fool...!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

So, today began with me freaking out that something was wrong with the getstitchy site. Everywhere on the board where it had previously said yarn, said squid instead. And sweater was changed to organ grinder's monkey, needles to chicken wings. I noticed that some people's profile pictures were replace with squid pictures. I didn't catch on until reading a thread where someone said, haha I get it, for april fools. Turns out the owner played a trick on us. After that it was pretty fun to go read all the posts with goofy words.

Today is also flash your stash day, so I took pictures of all of my yarn. Man I've got a lot. I'd like to trade off some of it. I am looking for quite a few things so I might as well. Either trade or sell. Anyway I've got to get that stuff together to take pictures of it separately. I tried joining the destash blog but two weeks after I sent an email to join they said they weren't taking any more members. Darn it all. I should start my own... but I'm too lazy. I also tried posting my pics...but something is up with their server or something. Stupid.

I started knitting for the create along today. I have yet to start my Sahara for the knit along at sexy knitters, but I will. I'm getting one or two other things out of the way first. Plus I'm almost more excited about my design now. I've got soo many unfinished objects on my table it's horrible. I need to finish them. Plus I really need to work on the things that I'm sending to my secret pal. I tell you what, I'm not taking anything else on!

Ok it's late...more later.


Brandy said...

Stumbled across you site from the get stitchy board. I love the entrelac socks and have been thinking about making them. Yours are gorgeous even though you said they were tight. Is it just the yarn or the pattern that is causing them to be tight? Curious as I want to make them.

Teresa said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great design!

Ha! That was an awesome April Fool's joke. I think the best one I ever did was on my brother. I was about 11 and he was 16 and I burst into his room completely excited. "Snow day, SNOW DAY! School was canceled!!!"
The normally lazy older brother of mine shot up in bed and looked out the window. By the time he realized what was going on I was already halfway to the bus stop. :D

Valerie said...

-=giggle=- It's okay, I fell for the monkey grinders one. I was looking all over for a pattern for it. -=giggle=- I think a swap would definately be nice. I am still on the hunt for Red Malabrigo and I would trade a lot for it! =)

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