Frog and re-knit.

Friday, April 20, 2007

So I had almost that whole tank top done, and decided to try it on since it was looking rather large. Turns out the center, which is knit straight for the most part, sags horribly and doesn't fit as it did on the model. I don't know what they did on hers. I think they made her wear a smaller size or something so it would form fit. Either way I frogged most of it and decided to do it all on the smaller needle used for the ribbing. In hopes mine would fit better. It's going muuuch better. I tried it on again and it's just hugging enough. Either way though, this yarn stretches a lot. I also redid my rusted root top, I'm back to about the same spot I was before. I'll take pics later. I'm too lazy to do much tonight. More progress on the secret pal scarf, it's muy bonita. I'd keep it for myself if I was greedy lol. I hope she loves it.

No word yet on Chad getting or not getting the job. We are both on pins and needles. On a good note, my college agreed to refund my class that I was going to fail b/c of technical things that were their fault. Well maybe not fault, but it went unnoticed. Anyway that means I won't have to pay to take it again on top of the first time. So that's good. Relieves a little of the stress.

Ummm lets see... I guess that's about it.


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