Rusted Root is done!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can you believe it??? I must be on a roll these days. Finishing left and right. Ok here's a pic.Loooove how it turned out, still have to weave in the ends, and I'll try to get a pic of me wearing it tomorrow. We'll see. The point is, that it's done!!!

I'm really feeling the urge to cast on like five more things now. I still have to cast on for sahara, and cast on again for isabella. But I want to start like a lace shawl or something. I'm trying not to, especially since I already have one started but it's just not exciting anymore.

We'll see how long I last till I cast on something else...besides the ones I'm supposed to that is...

Hrm...what secret pals package was shipped, I am beyond excited for her to get it. I've got some things on the way to put in the next one. I am somewhat torn though because I've got soooo many ideas it's hard to pick what to do. Either way I'm totally spoiling her by the time this is over. I've probably already gone over the minimum we are supposed to spend. It's just too much fun buying stuff for other people.

Ok welllll I guess it's bed time for me.


Mademoiselle Defarge said...

That looks really nice Hattie! As does the Coquette tube top.

Finishing a project is so nice...I've only finally got back on to a top I left crumpled in a bag for several weeks. It'll be great to have it done...


Valerie said...

Miss Hattie you are on a role! I can't wait to see you wearing that! It's going to look beautiful on you!

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