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Thursday, October 11, 2007

(Partially cross-posted from the Spun Stitches blog)

I've finally gotten something done spinning-wise. Today I finished up the last bit of single that I had to do for my second bobbin. Then I began plying. I got a good bit done and then suddenly the single from my first bobbin broke. Well I reattached. Broke again. Reattach. I swear I fixed the stupid thing AT LEAST ten times. And I mean it, I'm not exaggerating. So I'm assuming that the single was underspun a good amount and pretty much any tension on it at all causes it to just drift apart. I'm pretty pissed. I don't want to wast all the singles I have left but I don't know what else to do with it. I even tried plying with the spindle, but just the little tug to pull some off the bobbin broke it.

Anyway I do have a decent amount done so here it is.

As you know it started out as mostly orange with some hot pink, yellow, and lime green. I got some cool barber pole effects where the colors are pure, and then some awesome in between colors of peach, lighter greens, and orangy pink. It's really very fluffy (lofty?) and sooo soft.I keep telling hubby I need a new wheel...with a lace flyer. If I keep blaming the current wheel (for the bad spinning), do you think I'll get a new one??? ;)

Oh yeah and it's about 385 yards so far. Seems like a ton...I only had 2.3 ounces of roving!

Still knitting on the Retro Rib socks. They are so beautiful I can't wait to finish!

I got a set of stitch markers in the mail today. My other set from the exchange. They are so pretty and sparkly!I also got some yarn I traded for. 3 skeins of Hand Maiden Great Big Sea Silk in Bronze. They are GORGEOUS (see that bit of icy blue grey in there?). I plan to use it for a sized down version of the Lady Eleanor stole, if I like how it swatches. Otherwise, if I don't like it for that, I'll find something else!
Still more I'm waiting for in the mail. I was hoping my Sweet Sheep order would be here by now. I also traded some kidsilk for a lace book, and bought a skein of pink STR off someone. All this from Ravelry hook-ups. Love that place. Oh and I ordered from The Loopy Ewe again. I'm sooooo bad. I couldn't help myself. I got...lets see a glove pattern (Fingerless Lace Mitts- Monica Knits) that I had to have. I saw them on the Fingerless Mitts for Fall-along blog and when I asked about the pattern she said it would be available at TLE. So I got that. I got some Citrus Soak. Two skeins of Lornas in Whitewater. And two skeins of Fleece artist in Seafoam and Madder. So I got free shipping and this order got me my (second) 25 dollar credit to Loopy. I can't believe I've ordered that much from them already...

Still waiting on the Wollmeise too, and a little bummed that the next sneak up won't be soon since they are moving the store...I really want some. I wanted to order it already and get it over with because it's the last thing I plan on buying for a long while.

Ok well I think that's it for now. I'll prollie post again Friday since that's the next time I will be checking the mail and my Sweet Sheep order HAS to be there by then! At least I hope. I wish they had tracking...


Valerie said...

-=giggle=- I picture you tossing your entire stash in one room and burrowing into the material whenever you have a bad day. You have that awesome of a collection of yarn. On that note, both yarns pictures are beautiful! Especially the yarn you spun up. Sorry about the breakage though!

Teresa said...

ugh, breaking yarn. I've had that happen a LOT with the spindle. I've spun it so thin and just prayed that it would stay until I wind it onto the spindle, then it breaks and the baby picks it up. Now that's a whole new story. :D

I think the yarn looks great! I love the colors to it. I thought it was yarn you bought at first with how professional it looks.

You must have an awesome stash by now! If you have a cat, I bet he must be in heaven.

I'll have to try out that swap. I have a few books I want to get rid of. I've had them for a while and just haven't been interested by them. I'll go check out the swap pages. :D

Opal said...

Have you considered spinning the single again to add more twist? That's the only suggestion I can think of. It's such a beautiful yarn I'd hate to think of it going to waste.

Moosie said...

Hi Hattie;
Your Ashford Traditional is a wonderful wheel and can spin very fine (even without the lace flyer head). I am currently spinning Fox Fiber Brown cotton on mine.

I would probably re-spin and add more twist but you could also lightly felt the yarn too.

Often the cause of under-spun yarn is brake tension pulling the fiber on before it's ready. Just as increasing the drag can get ready of corkscrew overspin reducing it can get rid of the tendency to underspin.

If reducing the tension on the Scotch tension brake band with the adjustment knob isn't enough of a reduction you can change the material you use for your brake band.

Instead of using the medium weight fishing line most Ashford's come with I would try a 5/2 to 10/2 perle cotton and finally for the lightest drag I use waxed dental floss for my brake band.

Another trick is to flip your bobbin so the smaller end is used for the brake band.

Still to much tension? You can thread the yarn from one flyer arm hook to the other once or twice to reduce tension as well.

Finally you can use thicker core bobbins. You can increase your current bobbins core easily by adding pipe insulation.

monica said...

I would love to learn to spin. As I don't know how, I can offer no advise.
I hope you enjoy the pattern. I am having a contest on my blog to name my newest fingerless mitts if you are interested.

Lynda said...

Loved your spun yarn. The orange was beautiful, and I know how it is to have the yarn just fall apart on you.

Just think about when you get to order from TLE and get your Wollmeise...you'll appreciate it all the more for having to wait for it.

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