Monday, October 22, 2007

Today I took advantage of an empty house and the kid's naptime. I dyed roving! 8 ounces of merino, and 4 of superwash merino tencel. It was relatively easy, and came out better than expected. Once they were dyed I liked them much more than before the dye set. I just wish I had more room to dye! It would have made things MUCH easier and faster. Here are some pictures, which aren't the greatest but they give you an idea of the colors I got. I will take better ones as soon as the roving dries.

This one is the superwash merino tencel. I used black, sapphire, and turquoise. It's very very soft but I found it annoying to dye since it sheds easily.
This one is merino. I used brown, turquoise and pink. I think it's my favorite. Although I didn't set it long enough and a good bit of dye came out of it. Still it made it less intense and I really like the lighter colors. This one is also merino, and I love this one too. It's red, pink, and brown. The colors took the best in this one I think, well they spread out more or something. Either way there isn't much white left in it which is good. I didn't do any color mixing this time around. I just wanted to get a feel for the whole thing and see how it went. I also used too much dye for the amount of water, etc. So I learned quite a bit and I know that it will go smoother next time!


Melissa said...

Very cool! They came out awesome!!

Opal said...

Despite your limited workspace, I think your dyeing endeavors were a complete success!

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