Yarn Overload!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh my god I have a ton to talk about in this post. I really meant to post on Friday but I somehow forgot. And last night I got very involved in what I was knitting so I skipped yesterday too. So to start with, my sweet sheep order was not there on Friday. We didn't get to the post office yesterday so maybe it is there now. I know that the shipping said up to 12 days which if they shipped that same day of my order then 12 days would be the 16th...which is tuesday. So if they didn't it might not get here until Wednesday. Hopefully it won't be later than that.

I did get quite a bit of other things in the mail. One was the book Victorian Lace Today, which I traded for on Ravelry. She got two skeins of Kidsilk from my end.

I also got my Loopy Ewe Order. I mentioned what I got already, but here are pics of some of it.I also got stuff from Melissa. The box contained some yarn from her and some needle cases she sewed up for me as a favor. In exchange for chocolate rather. ;) One is for dpns and one circs. Aren't they the cutest! I picked some of the fabric, and she added some other colors but they are just the awesomest things ever. I looove them.
This is the blueberry pie yarn she sent, which we traded. This is the yarn I picked in exchange for my spindolyn.
This one I bought from her etsy shop. It's called Vineyard Elegance and so pretty!
The rest of this stuff is yarn I got from Webs.

Silky wool in color 48 for my Tangled Yoke Cardigan. It's a pretty grey green color. I wanted something light so the cables would show up well.A ton of Cascade 220. There was a little mix up and I'm missing a skein of the Lilac Mist, so that should be on the way to me soon. That's going to be for the Brea Bag.
The Sapphire and Celery are for my Luckiest Bag, and the Dark Plum is for my sister's.
There were also five skeins in black, which were supposed to be brown, but one of the local yarn shops happily exchanged them for me so I didn't have to send it back and wait! I am making the one bag for my sister as an anniversary gift. Her hubby will be getting a hat. :)

There are three skeins in this Brown.
This is brown too although my flash is acting up so it looks black. It's Vandyke Brown. It is on the darker side. I have two of these.
There was also a skein of Debbie Bliss Rialto in Black. I'm making my sister fingerless gloves from it and I've already got one done! It's the Dragon Scale pattern, which I modified. I had to take a whole repeat out to make them small enough for her tiny hands! Lucky for me her hands and mine are the same size so I was able to do that and know they will fit.Oh yea and there were four skeins of Berroco Comfort in the colors blue, yellow, brown, and a lime green. My sister commissioned the above gloves from me, as well as a baby sweater she would like to give as a gift. So I am making the Tulip Cardigan from the comfort yarn. It's worsted weight, half acrylic and half nylon and sooooo soft and squishy. A little splitty, but I can deal with that. Here's my progress, in a few hours yesterday. I got more done today. It's so cute I want to die.I started her bag, which is made in entrelac. You knit double stranded, so it's going fast! The colors look good together I think. I still have to order handles and found ones that I want. Which are the same ones used in the pattern. I have to call and see how fast they can ship them to me, because their anniversary is coming up quick! And for once I want to send the gifts on time lol.I'm also test knitting a pattern. It's not what I expected, but I think it's looking pretty good! It's a blanket, knit in a quilt style design. It will be small, so the kids will probably use it for their dolls or something.I'm slowly plying my remaining singles of that roving. So far it's going well on the spindle. I'll be happy when it's done. I haven't spun anything else even because I'm feeling the need to finish this first.
Oh yea and one other thing. I picked up a skein of yarn at Holy Threads (look at the virtual tour if you can, it's amazing!) as kind of a thank you to them for exchanging my yarns when others (who shall remain nameless) wouldn't because it wasn't from their store... It's a bit lighter than the pic, and very pretty! Maybe I'll use it for the glove pattern I mentioned last post. I also bought some dpns. I really like that store and will definitely be going back now that I've been there and experienced it and the great people there.
Ok well I guess that's it for now. This has taken me like an hour to upload pics, link stuff, and blabber on. So I'll be back!


Teresa said...

OOOooooooooooo....Nice. I'm really fighting the urge to fondle them through my computer screen. Oh if only that were possible. The fingerless mitts are nice! But I have to admit, I'm in love with those Lorna laces skeins. The blue and white is so nautical, are they becoming socks?

Opal said...

Those needlecases are adorable and I just love that Dragon Scale mitt.

Valerie said...

What a post! I am loving all the yarn porn going on though. My favorite has to be the third picture. I love the reds, it's too pretty! Moving on to your next post. I am playing catch up!

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