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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Before I get into the spinning I've been doing, I must mention that the shop has been updated! I have 6 new rovings up. Go check it out if you're in the market. ;) They are all 100 percent merino. I'll be doing the merino tencel hopefully this week.

Mother Earth:
Sweet Pea:
Tye Dye:
So, other than the fact that I'm still spindle plying that orange merino silk...

I finally finished the second single of my pink merino. Monday night I sat down to watch the Bachelor (love the DVR!) and ply the singles. It ended up taking two (whoohoo QVC). So today I sat down to get it off the bobbin and when I was done, realized that it was seriously under plied. Oh boy. So I wound it into a center pull ball and am going to have to slowly reply it. I might do that with the spindle as well, because some parts are plied perfectly. Sigh... I so wanted to be done with it and knit with it.

To make up for it, I dug through the roving stash and started spinning this:It's somewhere in between those colors. Rose, pink, yellow, tiny bits of green and brown. It was my flawful fibers roving in Amore, 100% BFL. I was really worried about how well it would draft since I'm used to the merino, but OH MY GOD I love it. I can get it just as thin (although I'm not, because I want a 2ply sock, instead of the lace I've been doing and I can totally see spinning thicker yarns with it too) and it's just as easy to draft, with a longer staple. So I think next time I buy roving to dye for the shop, I'll get some BFL. Plus it seems like it is kinda shiny when spun. Which is totally a plus. I got through a few chunks of it already too. Generally when I spin I pull the roving in half, then each half into fourths, and each fourth into pieces. With the merino I did 6 or 8 to make it faster to spin into lace. I only pulled these into four pieces.

Ok well this is just a quick post. More later!


Vanessa said...

All those rovings are just lucsious! You do nice work. Love the colors you are spinning now!

Opal said...

Beautiful dyed rovings and beautiful BFL! You're just a natural at spinning. :)

Fancy Pants said...

pretty rovings! Now I just have to learn how to spin. Anyway. I wanted to tell you that I updated my post about the contest so you can pick a co-star and tell me something about him or her and get yourself some more loot if you win. Thanks for dropping by to play! I hope you are doing fantastic!

monica said...

The rovings are so pretty I really like the sweet pea. I must learn to spin!!

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