A Productive Day...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finally got around to dyeing today. It took about 4 hours to dye 6 four ounce sections of roving. Of course there was a lot of prep involved since I used all my stock from last time. Once that was out of the way, it went faster. Oh yeah and the fact that we were almost out of saran wrap and I had to send hubby to the store. That took awhile to wait for. Anyway the point is that I got to dye. It was a lot of work, and annoying to do in the house, and my back is killing me. But I'm happy that I'll have stuff to put in the shop. I'll list it on Wednesday when they are all completely dry and braided up.

Here they are hanging on the rack I got for drying, in our bathtub... the colors are a bit off in the pic, not as pretty as they really are. Better pics will come on Tuesday or Wednesday when I photograph for the shop.
Top row from left to right: red/yellow/orange where they overlapped, pink/black, red/black, turquoise/brown

In the center you can just barely see on the right there, a pink and green one hiding.

On the bottom there on the left is blue, yellow, and a lime green.

They are all as of yet unnamed but I've got a few ideas already for some of them. Like the one on the bottom I think will be Tropical Fish. The red and black one something like Broken Hearted. I'm still working on it. Usually I need help (ahemMelissacough) to find the perfect name or variation. ;)

That's about the only real update I've got, more to come later.


Melissa said...

The rovings looks great!!! I can't wait to see them all braided up! And you know I don't mind helping with the naming! It's super fun and you do such a good job with the colors you make it easy to come up with names.

Opal said...

All that hard work has definitely paid off. Those rovings look fabulous!

Valerie said...

How beautiful!

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