A new Gem

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I know it's been awhile and I'm sure that you're all DYING to see my new baby. I got it on Friday and am already so in love! Here are pics.

This is the front view. It looks crooked, but really it's just that I'm SO talented taking pictures lol.This is the side view.And the flyer! Look at the size of that bobbin...swoon.
The wheel as you know is a portable one, so it came in a few pieces. It was pretty easy to figure everything out and get it together. There is more to it than the ashford, more adjustments to make, and whatnot. But once you understand the basics of a wheel, it's pretty easy to decifer.

I have already started spinning on it as well. I have half of my roving on one of the ashford bobbins and need to get it off so I started to spin the other half on the Gem. Why do I need to get it off you ask? I sold the Traditional! I really didn't expect it to sell so fast. So I'm trying to get that done to send off.

So that's the biggest news I have. I'm excited to have sold the wheel though because I know it will be loved and enjoyed by someone else. I just have no need for two wheels right now.

I have also decided that the yarn diet will end when the Gem is paid for. Should that be sooner than 6 months. The money from selling the Traditional should have helped, but SOMEONE went over in minutes on our phone bill calling who knows who, and our bill is...well a lot.

Um lets see. I started school this week, and I hate it, but I'm going to make the best of it. It really sucks to have to retake some classes, but at least I know what to expect. At this point I'm trying to mentally prepare myself, and sort of overcome the feelings that I get. Of course today isn't helping. I have spent most of the day with no help from anyone with the kids, today of all days when all my work is done. Chad and his brother have spent the last 13 hours with almost no break changing the engine in the civic. So no help there. And usually I get help from Chad's mom but she's been busy all day. So of course I'm sitting here with my work done in less than 20 mins and I have nothing that is ready to be submitted. I hate my life sometimes.

So I'm going to start the term off horribly, but what can you do. I also have a million other things to do so I should probably stop blogging and go do them.


Teresa said...

Nice spinning wheel! I really like that. It's not this huge bohemoth that takes up so much room. Does it spin really smoothly compared to the last one?

I hear you on never getting a break. Although, my mom did move closer to my husband and I, so now we get a break ever now and then, which is nice. I can actually go out and shop with a friend without have to drag along the monkeys. I know how hard it is to get work done around them too. I've got some patterns I have to finish up for a yarn company..yeah..right. :D Not going to happen any time soon.

Opal said...

Congratulations on your Gem! I have a Majacraft wheel too and I can attest to the fact that they are the Cadillac of spinning wheels. (Or would that be the Mercedes?) Enjoy it!

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