Oh what a day! (aka, more fun stuff for me!)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WARNING: The following post is image heavy. Due to all the fibery goodness you may experience some lightheadedness, lust, and/or the urge to go buy yarn. In my expert opinion, I recommend you give in to those urges.

Today was a very good day for buying stuff. And getting stuff in the mail. I'll start with what I got in the mail. My very first secret pal package! My awesome pal has spoiled me absolutely rotten. Here's what she sent!

Two different colors of mohair roving:Two skeins of wildfoote sock yarn (the colors are actually lighter and brigter IRL):
Some organic cotton that is way soft and two little knit bears:
This book, which has some really organic, cute, and unusual designs:
A sheepy tape measure!
Some very soft dark roving, which wasn't labeled, but it's gorgeous!
And the cutest things ever, two knit bear hats for nick and alexis! I couldn't get a picture of them on yet, but I will, they are seriously adorable in them!
Also in the mail today was a set of stitchmarkers for the current swap. Thank you swap partner! I love these.
Then today I went to Paradise Fibers for bobbins and roving. I got three new pretty bobbins, so now I'll be able to ply and spin more than one project if I want.Here is the roving I got. A pound of superwash merino tencel, which is GORGEOUS and SOOOO soft, omg I love it...seriously beautiful, even undyed. And I got two pounds of merino, just regular stuff, but it's also really soft.Some synthrapol for dyeing. Apparently it is good for washing hand dyed items especially the first time. Also if you put it in the water that you soak your fibers in before dyeing, it makes them wetter somehow, helps the dye spread better, and then helps it to wash out more completely so it doesn't bleed later. I figured it would be a good thing to have.Lastly they gave me a sample of this gorgeous stuff, which is blurry but trust me it's UNbelievable. It's their fake cashmere roving, it's 100% nylon I believe, so it dyes with the protein dyes. It's supposed to be just like regular cashmere, but SO cheap. And it's absolutely the softest thing I've ever touched. And shiny. I will be buying this next time I go in there.Lastly, we have ourselves an impulse buy. I had to wait for pizza hut to cook our food so I went across the way to borders to use the bathroom and since I had time to kill, I looked. I found this great little book with some unique stitch patterns. I already have been very inspired by it and have several new pattern ideas.This next one I blame Opal for. She kept knitting all these great sock patterns, and they are from this book. I love so many of the patterns, and the ones I'm not thrilled with I have ideas to modify so I will still use them. Mostly I like the Embossed Leaves socks, the Retro Rib socks, and the ones on the cover, the Waving Lace socks. Those are my faves anyway. There are other good ones.So today was a great day for that stuff. I'm still waiting on my Funky Carolina roving. It should be here maybe tomorrow, but probably Friday. Friday I will be gone all day helping my aunt so if it's Friday I won't get it then. I could go to the post office early Saturday though. God help me she's having a shop update on Saturday...as if I didn't buy enough already.

Also when I went to paradise fibers today, I got a couple of fliers on some semi-local events. Next weekend, Oct 13th and 14th, there are two separate things going on. BOTH where you can rent tables very cheap and sell your stuff. I'm wondering if I shouldn't do it. The drive would be an hour and a half about for each, and they are in different cities. So it would be a lot for one weekend, but I think at least for one day it would be a good idea. If I can get my fiber dyed up this weekend and next week and dry by then. I'd probably need to go buy more too if I want to have enough. Any opinions? Should I go for it? One day, or both? I need to decide quickly though because I would need to reserve a table for each one or I'll miss out! I'm debating it. (Hint hint...someone convince me to do it!!!)

Ok so I'm tired from all my shopping and I think I'm going to go knit a little before bed to wind down, and watch Private Practice.


Melissa said...

Go for it! :) I'll email you the yarn quote later today (after 5:30)!

Teresa said...

Ooooo..what a nice haul! I love that fiber. I've been trying that Navajo ply with the drop spindle. Which is actually pretty easy to do since God gave toes of a monkey. I look like a dork, but my yarn is pretty! :D

The teddy bear hats are adorable! You had such a nice friend to spoil you. I've been tempted to do a swap once just for the sake of spoiling someone. :D

Opal said...

What a haul! I'm absolutely intoxicated. And like I said, I'll take full responsibility for your book purchase, because that's what friends do upon occasion. ;-)

kasiaiscarly said...

Favorite Socks is a GREAT book! I just finished the Undulating Rib socks.

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