And a new year begins...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Just a quick post here. I haven't felt much like posting without my camera. I did manage to take a few pictures though, I used the webcam on my computer lol. So I started a new sock, and that's what the pictures are. It's Marilinda, the newest pattern from Cookie A.
Here's a detail shot of the progress so far. Sorry it sucks...but a sucky pic is better than none right?And here I am posing with it (ahemtryingtohidethemessbehindmeahem).
I also bought the book Selbuvotter. I blame Opal. Again. She seems to be an instigator without meaning to. ;) Juuuuuust kidding. I was planning on buying it eventually but now I'm in a hurry. It's winter I need mittens NOW!!!

Um I'm making progress on other things as well knitting wise. Slowly. I've been working on the Jaywalker scarf a lot as well as the Retro Rib sock. Those are my easy knitting so they get a lot more time than the challenging stuff.

I've picked out my new camera as well. It's more than I want to pay, but that's what the current broken one cost and it's so far the best deal for the price and has great customer reviews. Wanna see it? It's going to require a bit more time I think until we can get it. I don't wanna be in the hole just because I'm impatient. Besides which, we are out of stock at work. So I have to wait.

Oh! And today was Alexis' doctor appointment about her kidney/bladder issue. I don't know if I've explained that before but when she was 3 months old she got a UTI. They found out that her bladder refluxes up into her kidneys which is what caused the infection. AND she's got a duplicate tube (ureter I think it's called) which is not a huge problem in itself but it's not normal. Anyway she's been on meds for it since then and has been totally fine. Her kidneys are growing normally and there hasn't been another infection. So the doctor said we'll watch it for another year since she's doing well. Phew... I was hoping for that. I'd rather have her grow out of it (hopefully anyway) than jump into surgery. So one more year and I guess we'll see then. So that was good news. She also said that the reflux was not as bad as the technicians at the other office where the test was done said it was. I'll be breathing easier at least for the next year!

Ok I'm off to play for a bit before bed. Tomorrow is my only day off for probably the next week so I'm going to enjoy what little time I have to relax. ;)


Opal said...

Marlinda is looking good. So is the camera you're looking to get. Go ahead and blame me. I'm always the one that gets the short end of the stick. :-P

So glad to hear the good news about Alexis. What a weight off your mind that must be.

Enjoy you day off and Happy New Year!

Valerie said...

Happy New Year Miss Hattie, I hope you and your family had a lovely night lastnight!

That camera is really nice. Pricey but nice. It's amazing how attached you become to those things. I love mine and I don't think I could function without it either. =-

I'm so happy to hear that everything went well with Alexis's Doctor! Wooohooo for you and for her!

Alpaca Christine said...

Happy new year, sweetie! Yaay for good news and new cameras. I hope you get your soon. I snuggle with mine often >D.

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