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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yes that's right, my package came today! Chad was a bit bored waiting on a friend to go up to the mountain snowboarding, so he decided to go to the post office. They are only open until 10am on Saturdays so most of the time we don't bother. Well he got home and tried to pretend it wasn't my package! But then he gave me a sideways look and grinned so I knew it was. I remember squealing and running over to rip it open. I love love love it! Here are pics of the yarn and pattern. The pattern is hard to see, it has a lace pattern to it.

The yarn is called Dragon Dance and is a pretty combination of red, rust, and an orangy peach color. I love it and the name is awesome. I am not thrilled with the pattern but it does show off the yarn nicely which is what I'd want to do anyway. So I will knit the pattern with this yarn anyway.I have found that whenever I have to do something in a certain amount of time, that even if it's something I want to do, I will often put it off. I had a bit of a personal deadline for myself. To try and finish my second selbu spider mitt. Well yesterday I procrastinated all day and didn't finish the thumb of the first one until late last night. Then today I decided I would knit other things...like my forest canopy and my brother's hat. It's not a huge deal but I was like...what the heck???

Anyway the forest canopy makes for fast easy knitting while herding the children, and I really owe my brother this hat. It's almost done though finally! I sucked it up and have been doing it for the last week. Today I found myself finally at 4.5 inches, and realized that that's where I started the decreases on the one I did for my brother-in-law. So I happily found the stitch markers to mark the decreases, and started in! I have barely put it down. The hat as is would fit me now, but I have a small head, so it needs a bit more length. I remember I changed the decreases on the first one as well. I am using this pattern and while I like it, when I knit the first one, it came out kinda pointy at the top by decreasing that long. So I'm trying to decide how to do this one. No matter, it will be done soon and he's excited to get it.I have to wash it tonight so it will dry in time to go out on Monday. Why you ask, must I wash it? This is why:Ok so it's hard to see, but there are blue stained lines around my finger where I wrap the yarn. Yes the dye is coming out a bit. That and the needles are now stained. Sigh...
Today it is snowing and has been for hours now. Ok this picture sucks too, but it's the best I could get. The snow is making it blurry. We've had really cold days here the last week, but sunny. So now we get more snow. At least Chad is happy because it means better snow and mountain conditions for snowboarding...
Well my dears, that is all for today. I'm going to go finish that darn hat and then at least start my second mitt. I'll be taking it with me to the next knit group which is tomorrow. Let's see if I can remember my camera this time! We are meeting at Borders at 10-10:30ish which is great since I work right next to Borders and finish work at 10! Woohoo!


Opal said...

The hat is looking good! Too bad the dye is rubbing off though. :(

Valerie said...

I love the coloring of the hat. I bet he's going to love it. I hope all is well and dandy in your neck of the woods! Eventually we'll be on aim at the same time so we can chat!

P.S. The Sock Club Yarn is going to disappear. A not-so secret ninja is going to take it and smuggle it to New York so I can put it on a pedestal. -=giggle=- Sorry, long day and I am tired.

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