Waiting, and waiting...

Friday, January 25, 2008

For my sock club package! I know lots of people have gotten theirs so I was hoping today would be the day. No such luck. I did get a few other fun things though.

First off is a pair of Serendipity needles that I won from last month's contest over at the Sock Stash Elimination Campaign. They are super cute, and the paint is sparkly!
Then I got my January Electric Sheep fiber club shipment. It's 4 ounces of bfl in the color London Fog. I love this one, it's super soft and fluffy and should be nice to spin.Lastly I got some yarn I traded for on Ravelry. Two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill. One in Enchantment and one in Jelly Bean Jumble. I know yes, I already have the Enchantment, but it's for the Charlotte's Web Shawl and I just loved this color so much. I hunted down someone else who had it and begged. She also let me have the Jelly Bean one which I really like too. It's fun and bright and I can't wait to see what it's like knit.I finished the hand of my mitten last night so here's a pic. I have to do the thumb and then hurry and start the second one! I only have until tomorrow to finish these if I want to wear them Sunday. Can I do it??? Yes I can!!! Well, hopefully. ;)Just to let everyone know, I'm feeling tons better today and less mopey than yesterday lol. The sunshine and some new intentions/resolutions/plans/goals/ideas have given me a boost. Now I'm off to do some laundry (gag) and knit (yay!).


Opal said...

Everything looks so yummy. I especially love the London Fog roving. So pretty and soft looking!

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