Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, but mostly crappy ones. Practicing and testing out the different features and stuff. I probably could have bought a better camera than this one, but I really like it. It is better than my old one and that's what matters. And it takes nice pictures.

See this one? I stopped the other day at the LYS and guess what I found? I really only needed some dpns but couldn't resist my usual round at the store to pet my favorites, including the STR. I was digging through the colors and saw a familiar combination. Yes you got it, Puck's Mischief. There were two skeins and I immediately grabbed both.
I kinda carried them around the store for awhile in awe and excitement at such a find, and bought them both. So I'm really excited and need to decide what to do with them, but for now I'm just happy to have them.

In other news, I came home to this tonight. The kids were in Nick's room drawing.
Nick said this one is a horse. Do you see it? I thought that was pretty good! Alexis scribbled on it though lol. Those are all her scribbles to the right.
And this, this is a VOLCANO. Yep that's what he said.
Some other things he drew.
Alexis, drawing on herself...
So those are a few pics, still not the best but I've only been able to take pictures at night. So the full potential of the camera has yet to be shown. I'll give you this picture though. I was shaking/moving the camera a full foot back and forth when I took this one. Shows you how good it works!Ok well gotta go now, time to get my butt in bed and sleep for tomorrow morning (work...UGH I hate early morning).


Valerie said...

Yeah for the STR find!

Your kids are too cute!!

Opal said...

Oooh pretty pictures. Are you lovin' your new camera? I bet you are.

Pretty, pretty STR. What are you going to make with the two skeins?

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