Future knitter?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Isn't this a sight? I thought it was super cute so I grabbed the camera. She's been watching!All tangled in the yarn...
My brother's hat I've been working on. It's not as bright as it looks. Apparently he's been complaining about the knit stuff I've sent my sister, and wants the hat already lol. I need to get to 5 inches before I can start the decreases, and it's taking f o r e v e r. Seriously. I'm at almost 4 here.Nothing else going on, just anxiously awaiting to hear if I got a loopy sock club spot although it looks as if we won't know until tomorrow. Until then!


Opal said...

Awww. That's so sweet! And it's always the last inch that takes forever. For. Ev. Er.

Shelly said...

I stumbled onto your blog. Great blog by the way! I crochet and I am thinking about learning to knit. Your blog has given me some inspiration to try it out. Thanks!

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