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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ok so now I'm just a little bit obsessed. I was good and finished the thumb on the little mitten. It barely fits either one of my kids. That's what I get for dropping half a size on the needles. SO now I'll have to make another pair, but I really don't mind. This is so fun! Either way, here in eastern Washington it has been Freezing. So I decided that I'm going to have mittens first, since I'm the one getting up at 4am to get ready and go to work, while they all get to sleep nice and warm in their beds. The kids really don't go out much, and they wear their snow gloves when they play out. So. ME FIRST lol. Here are a few cruddy pics. The flash makes the pink look white so the first pic I took without flash.I'm really liking these so far. They fit perfectly around my wrist, but are a tad tight on the hands. I think that is my fault. I will try blocking/steaming/whatever and see if I can loosen them up a bit. I'm sure they will be fine. I've got another half a star pattern done past that, and am loving it so much.

I'm already trying to decide which design to make with my red and white. Perhaps those ones with the gauntlets? And if I have enough, I'm going to make Alexis some white and pink. And maybe Nick's will be the red and black. Unless I get more yarn before that. I don't know how much I'll have left, but I think it will be enough for their sizes. They sure don't use much. The first mitten only weighs 12 grams total, and I know from weighing the light green before hand that I used 6 grams of it. So the other six is the CTH. I know it will be a bit more in a bigger size, but seriously. That's nothin.

So I've caught the fair isle Norwegian mitten bug, and I seem to be doing ok with it. It's really not so bad. Now if I could only get past my intarsia fear...

I heard that the first shipment for the STR sock club is mailed, and should be here, by Monday I think. They mail Priority. So that's on the way. My January Electric Sheep club fiber is on the way. And I have my Funky Carolina shipment for this month also to look forward to. Very exciting things. Not to mention that I'm also in Melissa's sock club. Which is for March-May. Think I'm in over my head yet? And there are only five spots left on the KLY club. JOIN. I've only seen my yarn and the socks I've designed. But, I loved the yarn and of course I love my socks, and so did the test knitters. Melissa has some fun things planned for the shipments. So go get a spot before they are gone.

I haven't done any dyeing lately. I'm having a tough time even finding knitting time. I've been kinda worn out and I get that seasonal depression so some days are a challenge. I forget a lot, and that can be bad when it comes to school and bills...

Anyway the point is, I really want to stock the etsy shop and have had NO time to do it. Or if I've had time I've spent it knitting or something lazy. I need some motivation and I have none right now. I had to start something new, which is why I dove into these gloves, because I wasn't even wanting to knit. It comes and goes in phases.

Ok well enough with the complaining. Basically I just need a few days I think to get back on track, which is good since I've got today and the next two days off from work. So hopefully I can get things fixed and up to date, and get things in order. (And knit mittens. Think I can finish mine by Sunday??? That's when I work again in the cold.)

So now I'm off to play a little catch up on school and then knit.

(P.S. I happened upon this book {while finding stuff for school I swear} and it's seriously cute. Here's the link: Dainty Undies. I think the little nighties and stuff are adorable.)


Shawnita said...

those are amazing mittens! I have been trying to get the nerve to try fair isle. We are freezing down here in Walla Walla area as well! 12 degrees is just too cold!

Opal said...

Lovely mitts. Do you think you might have SAD? (Seasonal Affect Disorder) Have you seen a doctor? I'm just concerned about your well-being. I hope you get to feeling better soon and that the time off of work re-energizes you.

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