Temps are dropping

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The weather as of late has been unforgiving icy winds, and colder days than I think we've had in years. At least that's how they feel. Here are a few pics I took today. It snowed last night, not a lot but enough. It is mostly powder but combined with the wind, it made for nastiness.

This is one I took on the way home. The mountains in the distance are pretty.
This is our driveway. See the drifts? At the end there they got so deep I almost got stuck.
Dinner last night didn't go as planned. The place that was holding a table for us gave it away because we were five minutes late. Apparently you have only up to the time given to get there and not a minute later. It took a long while to get a seat anywhere else. There were only 7 of us total but that's enough to be a hassle apparently.

Here is a crappy pic, best I could get. Heather and Mikel are the two in the middle. He seems like a good guy, although I'm still not happy he's stealing her away.I got them presents but forgot to get pictures. For her daughter I got a doll, a really cute one. And for them I got a personalized picture frame with their names and wedding day on it. She was too busy crying and stuff to open them when I left, but I'm sure that she loved it.

I went to two yarn shops yesterday since I had time. One I only went to for the Dale of Norway baby Ull. They sell it cheap enough that I sucked it up and went. I actually got some help this time, and the lady I don't think I've seen there before was really nice. Anyway I got four colors to do two pairs of the Selbuvotter mitts. I'm still not sure what combinations I want but I'm thinking red and white, and black and pink. We'll see.
Then I went up to the other shop to scope out yarn for sweaters. I didn't like the yarn I had picked out online, and realized I wasn't sure at all what I wanted. Soooo I got sock yarn instead. Here we have two skeins of Socks that Rock. One mediumweight and one heavyweight. The first is the med, and it's Love in Idleness. So pretty. I might make some of those mermaid mitts with it, that use the same stitch pattern as pomatomus. Not sure.The heavyweight I adore, especially the base, it's so nice. This is Chapman Springs. I bought it for a certain pattern but who knows. I just like to pet it...
Ok well really I need to get to bed. It's late and I'm up super early as usual. Hopefully I'll make it out of the driveway...


Opal said...

I can't believe they let your table go because you were 5 minutes late. And in that weather? How rude.

Jess said...

I just bought some heavyweight Chapman Springs last week. Very pretty isn't it?!

Nasty weather. It's got to be worse up there. Brr...

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