Snow, snow, and oh yea, more snow!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So, it's been snowing pretty much non-stop here. Crazy amounts. This is the first year in the last 3 or so that I can recall where we've had so much snow. The last few have had snow, but it's the kind that didn't last, like melting the next day. Not this year. I will take a picture of it tomorrow, so you can see exactly how much we've been getting. I did get a picture of one of our does outside though. I attempted to coax her closer to the house (and the lights) with a cookie, but nothin doin. So here's the crappy pic I got. Isn't she cute?Anyway, I worked early again this morning, and got out early as well. Then I headed up to the post office to mail a few things I sold destashing on Ravelry. We haven't gone to get the mail since last week I don't think. The snow makes it a much less desireable drive. I had a few surprises though, that I have been waiting on. I was bad about a week ago when I was going through one of my more depressed moments and I caved. I bought some gorgeous Pigeonroof roving. This first one is super soft, I'm very excited to spin it up. It's called Cornucopia and it's south african fine wool. It's soft like the bfl but seems less fuzzy in a way. It's also darker than this picture. It's got more red and pink in it than anything else. (Here's a link to the shop picture, it's more accurate.)This one is called Green Ocean and is superwash bfl. I would love to know where to get more of that! I don't think you can get better than bfl and then having it be washable as well.
I got one other thing in the mail today. Besides bills and crap that is...
Yep, my selbuvotter book came! I am so excited by it. I've already read most of the intro stuff which is a bit of very interesting history. I just really can't wait to knit something from it too. I took a few pictures of my faves at first glance. Instead of linking to Ravelry so that everyone can see it. I love this one with the longer gauntlet at the wrist. Nothing worse than gloves being too short!Then these mittens which I just love. The pattern is so consistent from the thumb and fingers and the wrist all a variation of the same pattern.
This one I like because it's simple, and this one is probably the one I'll knit first to get my feet wet.
And this one is so unique. I like the patterning that runs up the two sides and up on the fingers. Really cool!
So that's what I got today and it made my day. I've been working so much I've not had time to knit or spin or anything. So I'm excited by these. I'm thinking that with tomorrow off, I'm going to start spinning up that Cornucopia roving. It's just so gorgeous. I know I was spinning the merino tencel lace, but I'm just not in the mood to spin lace. I don't have the patience right now. I didn't have hardly any of it spun anyway. So I'm just gonna put that away and do something simpler. I've got enough to do now.

School opened up yesterday. I was worried b/c I hadn't gotten a welcome email and then they called saying there was an urgent matter to discuss. I tried to access my class and it wouldn't open. So I called today and apparently class only opened up yesterday and I hadn't confirmed my schedule. Which is why I couldn't get into it. So I've only got one class to worry about right now, and I know that it's going to suck having to take fewer classes because it's going to make it a good bit longer until I graduate. But honestly I know I can't handle it all right now if I'm still doing full time school. So I'm sucking it up and just doing it anyway. If I get into a groove so to speak, I can go back to full time. It's better than quitting completely, or staying full time and failing classes like I have been. So overall I feel good about it.

Today when I got home I started another pair of mitts. Remember the ones I made my MIL, in this post? Yeah, so I really wanted some but those were a bit big on me. I had to get size 5 dpns and I picked those up when I got my STR the other day. So I could finally knit them. But I couldn't start until today. I am not sure about the yarn, it's Bernat Cashmere in an icy blue, and really soft, an acrylic/cashmere/nylon blend. It seems to be knitting ok. Hopefully they will be warm enough. So that's really it. I'm almost to the heel on my Marilinda and almost to the decreases on my brother's hat. So I'm slowly making progress on things. It's a good feeling. I'd like to get the hat done especially, so he can wear it before winter is over!!!

Ok well I've rambled long enough. I think I'll go for now and will update tomorrow with more pictures!


Melissa said...

Roving whore. ;)

Opal said...

Selbuvotter! Whee!

Knittacia said...

How fun it is to have found your blog!
You have some lovely roving there, I would like to get some of it,too. And you have a Selbuvotter book, too. I actually live about one hour ride away from Selbu. There they have a Selbuknitting museum. I have though of going there, but never gotten around doing it. I don@t have the book either.

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