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Monday, June 30, 2008

So I started a new project yesterday. Yes, I know, another. Well it's a good one. My mom has been best friends with my "aunt" Jackie since they were both little, and we found out a few months ago that Jackie had lung cancer. So I've been meaning to make her a hat since she's lost her hair.

This past week my sister has been updating me on her condition. They opened her up to remove what they thought was a half a golf ball sized bit of the cancer, and discovered that it had spread and was everywhere, including her heart. I am not sure how long she's got to live, and it really doesn't sound promising.

Either way, I decided that my first priority was to knit the hat I have been meaning to, and also a pair of socks. So I will only be knitting on these two items until they are done and sent off.

I was originally going to make another hat, but the yarn I had just wasn't working for it, and since I'm on a yarn diet, I can't buy any. I decided to stick with what I knew and go with another Pismo hat, like the ones I made my brother and BIL. It's in the yarn I previously started knitting into a Rivendell sock. It's a merino bamboo blend, so even though the hat is more tightly knit, it should still be soft and cool for these summer months.I haven't chosen sock yarn or pattern. I am going to work on the hat and my sister is finding out what size shoe Jackie wears so I can knit socks. If they are close to mine I can just finish up one of my in progress pairs to send to her. Either way, that's the agenda right now and there will be no other knitting. I'm one inch into it and have to get to 5 inches before I start decreases.

That's really all the news I've got today. It's been a month and a half since I've bought any fiber or yarn, and it's getting easier every day! I'm thinking if I make it to three months, maybe I'll reward myself with one skein of sock yarn or something. Sort of a celebratory half way mark thing.

Ok well more later when I've got something to show. In the meantime, look at the pretty Peony! It makes me happy. Too bad the heat killed them off so quick...


Miss 376 said...

The hat looks as if it will be lovely and soft too. My thoughts are with your friend and family during this difficult time

Rachel said...

Good luck with your hat and socks, that's a really nice thing to do for your friend. I'm so sorry to hear about her condition, and I hope she feels as well as she can!

Opal said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your "Aunt."

Congratulations on your success so far of the yarn diet. If only I were so good. :)

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