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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yesterday I started Melissa's swallowtail shawl I'm knitting up for her. I started with size 3's, and it was just small and too tight, and so I switched to size 5's since all my 4's are in use, and I think it's much better. Not too tight or loose. I like how the colors spread out. Not much pooling-wise. I've got 5 of 14 repeats done. I know this will be a quick knit.
In the mail today I got the two NeedleKeeps I ordered. You may remembered I ordered some of these back in like January or so. I love them so much. Last time I got a 6 and a 7 inch. This time I ordered a 5 and a 6. Most of my needles are 6 inches, but a few are shorter or longer. My Brittany size 2 dpns are actually longer than 7 but they still fit into the 7 inch, the cap just sticks up a bit, but it works. These two have cute little charms. A froggie on the left, and a pink sandal with a flower that has little gemstones. Super adorable! Everyone should have these. I like to store my dpns in them too, keeps them safe, and unbroken.
I also got some yarn I traded for. Two and a half balls of Noro Kureyon in color 150. Grey, aqua, and some green. I got them to make a scarf like Melissa is making for her hubby. Chad liked it, so I thought I'd surprise him with one this winter.
I also started spinning my Pink Lady superwash bfl from Pigeonroof for the June Spin along on the Spinner Central board on Ravelry. I am going for a 3 ply sock, my first! It's spinning up so pretty. Pictures of that later!

Ok well that's it for now.


Opal said...

I love the way the Swallowtail looks. The yarn is knitting up beautifully!

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