Hush-Hush Handspun Hootenanny Questionnaire

Monday, June 30, 2008

1. How long have you been spinning? What skill level do you consider yourself?

I have spinning for a little over a year and I would consider myself intermediate. I am a fast learner!

2. What kinds of yarn do you create (singles/2-ply/3-ply/art yarn)?

I mostly spin 2 ply, my singles aren’t good enough to stand alone yet, and I’m spinning for a 3 ply now. Tried spinning some art yarns, not so good at them, and no real use for them.

3. What do you spin with (spindle/wheel/both)?

I pretty much just use my wheel.

4. What are your favorite fibers to spin with? Anything you don't like?

I love bfl, especially superwash bfl. I have also spun merino, and merino silk. I have some other fibers that I haven’t gotten around to trying yet. Blends are good, anything soft with silk or seacell, etc. I'm picky because my skin is uber sensitive!

5. Who are your favorite crack dealers fiber sources (etsy or otherwise)?

Funky Carolina! Anything sparkly. I love the Creatively Dyed seacell blend I have, and haven’t spun yet. I also love Pigeonroof and Flawful Fibers…

6. What kind of fiber do you want to try?

I would love to try a bamboo, maybe in a blend? I love how shiny it is and wondering how it spins up. I’ve also always wanted to try some batts, like the ones from Loop on etsy, or Terra Bella Spun, or Butterfly Girl Designs. Or some silk would be nice, I've only spun merino silk, so I'd like to try just silk by itself too.

7. Are there any techniques you would like to learn?

I’d like to perfect spinning singles and Navajo plying but that’s about it!

8. Do you dye fiber? If not, would you like to learn?

I do dye. Not as much as I would like, but I have lots of dyes and un-dyed fiber waiting for me to do it!

9. Do you have fiber prep tools (and like to use them) or would you prefer ready to spin fiber?

I would prefer ready to spin, I have hand cards but I’m still learning how to get them to work for me lol.

10. What do you do with your handspun? What projects have you completed?

I mostly spin lace, and some sock weight yarn. So lots of socks and lace! I’ve done a swallowtail and forest canopy shawl from handspun, and a pair of socks. I’m working on a Juno Regina right now, and have yarn spun for an Adamas, and some I’m plying on my spindle for another forest canopy or swallowtail.

11. Are you in need of any spinning gadgets (WPI Gauge, threading hook, etc)?

I don’t need a threading hook, I don’t have a WPI gauge though!

12. What colors "fall into your shopping basket"? Any colors you just can't stand?

I seem to buy a lot of cool colors, but usually the colors that appeal to me are the warm tones, pink and red and orange and yellow. Especially in combinations together.

13. What is on your wheel/spindle right now?

I’m spinning a 3 ply for sock yarn (pinkish superwash bfl from Pigeonroof), and I'm about to start some lace. It is black merino tencel with green and purple shimmery stuff in it from Copperpot.

14. What other crafts/hobbies do you have?

Obviously knitting, I read (or listen to audiobooks quite a bit that I download from I play on my Nintendo DS…and my Wii. I paint on occasion.

15. Other than crafts, what are you passionate about?

My kids.

16. Do you have an online wishlist?

Um I have one at the Loopy Ewe, other than that, not really. Here's the link to the Loopy Ewe one.

17. Is there anything that you collect?

I have a big thing for hummingbirds, hence the big tattoo of one I have on my back! Also dragonflies.

18. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What magazine subscriptions do you have?

I have Interweave Knits, and Spin Off, those are the only two I really want. Sensual Knits is a book I’ve been meaning to pick up and haven’t. A few patterns I haven’t gotten around to getting:
Giselle by Marnie MacLean
Envy shawl by Brenda Patipa
La Digitessa by Yarnissima
Snowflakes in Cedarwoods by Anne Hanson (square one)
Tangled Faeries by Terry Ross

I'd also love to try some of the knitpicks harmony needles, the wooden ones! I keep meaning to get them and haven't. I knit most of my socks on size 1.5.

19. When is your birthday?

December 17

20. What book or movie character do you most resemble in personality?

I couldn’t tell you!

21. What is the climate like where you live around this time (need to know for careful shipments of anything meltable)?

It’s hot right now, but you never know! I think if it’s packaged it should be fine. As long as it won’t get on anything else if it DOES melt. (In other words, I’m not above licking the inside of a bag if it’s covered in chocolate)

22. Tell us one weird fact about yourself!

Hmmm, I can burp on command. Not weird enough? I think I’m borderline OCD. I have to make things “even” all the time. Like, if I stub the toe of one shoe while walking, I have to purposely do it to the other. Yep. Weird.


Favorite painting/picture(link): I’ve always loved this Georgia O’Keefe painting: Red Canna

Candy: Chocolate, esp truffle or hazelnut ones. Haribo gummy bears…lifesaver lollipops which I can NEVER find anymore…sad.

Food: Hard to say but I looooove a good chicken alfredo pasta dish.

Drink: Dr. Pepper, Cream soda.

Movie(s): Princess Bride, Most Angelina Jolie movies

TV Show(s): Grey’s Anatomy and Big Brother when they are on.

Book(s): Tad Williams Otherland and Shadowmarch series’, The Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon, fantasy type stuff, fiction.

Guilty Pleasure(s): My video games. I LOVE my Wii and DS.

As a last note, I’m allergic to alpaca and mohair for sure. I’m pretty sensitive to fuzzies, so probably fibers like angora, camel, etc I’d also be allergic. Not sure as I’ve stayed away from them!


bockstark.knits said...

heehee - burp on command! I'm sure your kids love that one!! :)

Glad to have you as part of the HHHH!

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