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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes that's correcto. I somehow managed to finish something. Behold:
The Swirls socks are finished. I finished up the toe this morning and had it kitchenered before lunch. I think they are gorgeous and should wear well as they are knit on such small needles. I can't wait to wear them. I think in a few days. I sliced my toe open on something yesterday and it was bleeding pretty bad, so I don't want to risk blood on any hand knit socks until it's healed. Then today I slammed my toe into a piece of wooden furniture, and I really think I broke it. I'm in some serious pain. We'll see how it feels, I have to work tomorrow, 5 hours. I'll have to be gentle.

Not a good thing though, since I'm supposed to be cleaning. Our part of the house is beyond cluttered. We have someone coming on Sunday to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom, and fix a light or something. So things have to be presentable.

I'm knitting on my loopy swap project. It's so easy, but I just can't seem to get far on it! I need to get the rest of the package together in the meantime, it's to be mailed by the 22nd.

Here is a picture of Nicholas with his new kitty Pounce. He got it for going potty today. It seems like we'll have a week of him going a few times a day for a week and then for 4 days he refuses. It's a slow process. So hopefully this reward will help. He loooooves kitties of any kind and was super excited about it.Ok now, off to knit and rest my poor toe. Maybe it's not broken, just still stinging from impact. I can wish right?

ETA: Forgot to ask: Have you plurked today?


Opal said...

Beautiful socks! Be careful with you feet! Elevate, ice, and knit. ;-)

Rachel said...

I hope your toe feels better soon!

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