Oh man...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Am I ever tired!!! I made myself go to bed at a decent time last night to get to work today. I had several nightmares about being late, and woke up at 3 something and 5 something, freaking out. I did make it on time though. I just woke up from an accidental 2 hour nap too, hopefully that won't mess with me going to bed tonight.

Orientation was fine, easy enough, and I had coffee which woke me up.

Tomorrow I work from 6-10 AM, ugh. I will probably be stocking shelves which will help me know where product is located.

No knitting...none. The only thing is that I wore my silk whitewater mitts this morning because it was so cold. They were warm, but I know I'll have to fix the thumb, they were bugging me all day.

I'm hoping to dye tomorrow after I get home, and after the kids are in bed for naptime. We'll see!

ETA: Found out from Melissa's post that the Loopy Ewe has a wishlist now!!! YES. I went and added a bunch of stuff already lol. Wanna see? Click here.


Opal said...

Hope your first day went well!

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