Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today might be one of the most annoying days ever.

I woke up really late to take Nick to the doctor. We managed to get there ON TIME amazingly enough, and in the right building and parking garage. Normally it takes forever to get there and I park in the wrong place and have to walk through several buildings and over a million skywalks... Nick was good and didn't fuss much with the check up and we left with nemo stickers in hand.

So that was ok. I headed over to Paradise Fibers and got more roving to dye. 2 pounds of the same merino I got last time, a pound more of the merino tencel, and 2 pounds of bfl. It's yummy! I also got some crystal palace size 0's because I didn't have any in that size (and have a few socks that call for them, as well as the endpaper mitts). And, I got a single ball of yarn. I'm not counting it as breaking the diet, b/c it's for Chad's hat, and he TOLD me to get it, because he wants the hat like yesterday. It's not for me. And I was good and that's all I bought. It's black cascade 220 superwash, not the softest stuff, but it will work fine. And it will be the all important: washable.

Then I had to go to Wal-Mart. Things were fine until we left, when Nicholas saw some dogs in the bed of someone's truck and freaked out. He wanted to go see them. It took me ten minutes to strap him in. He was throwing things out the door across the parking lot, kicking, screaming, and just generally being a pain.

FINALLY we left and I headed up the highway. Quite a ways down I was driving along and there was a car next to me on the right, just a bit ahead of mine, not right next to me. Suddenly they decide (without looking!!!) that they are going to pull over into my lane! I had to lay on the horn and slam on my breaks and they still almost hit me. They just kept going though, didn't pull away like most SANE people would. OMG I swear. So then I was shaking and my legs felt like jelly.

Up the highway we go, a good ten miles out of the way to get to the post office. Chad ordered a part for the car and wanted me to stop and see if it was there. I get there and guess what. CHAD had taken the PO Box key off my key ring. GREAT. So I go in anyway in hopes that if I show my license they will give me the mail. Sure the guy says, and comes back with a few pieces of junk mail in his hands. Then he tells me that he can only give me MY mail that is addressed to me. OMG. Stupid stupid STUPID.

Some days I should NOT leave the house...


Opal said...

Sounds like you need to curl up with some hot cocoa and your knitting. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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