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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ok so remember that Yarn Wench roving I ordered? Well it came yesterday! Ok and so did something else. I can't resist Funky Carolina, I just can't. Sue me. So here are pics and details to what I got this time.

First up: Yarn Wench. This one is called Lime Peacock 1 and it's 4.1 ounces of falkland wool. It doesn't feel as soft as merino or bfl, but similar to bfl in texture.This one is Whirlpool 1 and is 4 ounces of bfl.
Last from Yarn Wench is Tropical Holiday 2 and it's 4 ounces of falkland.
Now for the Funky Carolina, which is still my absolute favorite. This one is called Pit and is 4 ounces of bfl. ULTRA soft.
Grape Leaves, 4 ounces of merino. This one is way prettier in person!
Lastly we have another 4 ounces of merino called See.
I hate to admit that I have more roving on the way... I lied, I couldn't resist and went on a bit of a binge. See what happens after so long not buying stuff??? Ah well, I'll show it off as it comes. Honestly there's only two more things. No biggie.

Anywho, I started knitting my Amore bfl yarn. Pretty much as soon as it was dry enough lol. I am knitting it into a swallowtail shawl and so far it's looking ok. Here's a pic, although it doesn't show it very well.I'm excited about it, and I hope that it will cooperate and not pool or do anything weird. Either way, it's still gorgeous to me. It's even motivating me to fix the first two yarns I was working on so that I can use them!


Opal said...

Gorgeous rovings!

Melissa said...

Holy crap!!!! That's a lot of roving miss thing! WOOT! Beautiful colors!!

Sooo jealous. LOL! What yarns do ou have to fix?!

Mary Mary said...

That's a grogoeus lace pattern. I do love knitted leaves :)

kasiaiscarly said...

that's a lot of roving! so pretty though!!

thanks for your nice comments on my endpapers on the KAL blog. i love the turquoise, too. though it was supposed to be more 'carolina blue' as i was hoping to match the Alaska Aces' colors (my SIL works for the team).

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