Day 2 and counting...

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's day two of the month long posting extravaganza!

I forgot to mention yesterday that we had a milestone in our house. Nick finally (after a good 45 mins with him in the bathroom) used the potty! He doesn't want to again, but it's a step. He understands, he just doesn't want to. We bribe him with "tandies" (candy) to get him to go. I usually have a stash of chocolate, most often its those Hugs kisses. So we tell him he only gets one if he goes potty. For a week or two now that's what we've been telling him, and yesterday it was finally motivation.

I also finally finished my sister's Luckiest Bag. I love it so much that I want to keep it for myself. Here are some pics!This is the lining I used. It's an EXACT color match to the plum cascade. Seriously. I love it.
It's beautiful and I love everything about this bag. I can't wait to make mine! The straps I was afraid would be too short, but they are just right. The bag hangs in the perfect position. They are also leather and very affordable. I did a lot of searching and even the fake vinyl ones are about 20 bucks for a pair. These were 15 and came with the handles, the cute wooden buttons, and some waxed linen to sew them on. Here's a link to the company: Homestead Heirlooms. I got the 20" button handles on this page in brown.

ETA: Melissa just informed me that Webs carries them now too! Check them out, they are the same price either way. :)

Ok that's it for now! See ya tomorrow.


Valerie said...

-=giggle=- So you know that because you're posting everyday that I am going to be commenting almost everyday too. -=giggle=-

That bag is beautiful!! She's gonna love it!


Pixie said...

OMG that bag is so lovely! I especially love the lining -- great job!

Celena said...

we used M&M's for potty training and it worked wonders. good luck!

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