Koolhaas hat!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I finished Chad's Koolhaas hat last night. It was a relatively easy pattern, and after the first two repeats I pretty much memorized it. I was thinking I'd have to do a 6th repeat but turns out 5 was plenty so I left it at that. So no modifications, just a really great hat! And now I want one...hehe. (Notice the sneaky little grin in picture 1)Not much in other news though, I'm trying to finish the bfl I was spinning, I haven't been able to in like a week. I'm also trying to decide what to spin next...I might spin some merino tencel...or some superwash. I would like to make some fingerless mitts, so probably superwash.

Ok well that's it for now.


Melissa said...

That came out great! I think Chad likes it. It will be great for snowboarding. ;)

Opal said...

Very hip. ;-)

Teresa said...

Oooo..nice hat! He looks quite happy with it. I think you should make one for yourself..it'd be awesome in a blue! :D..I like blues and yellows myself.

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