Gloomy Weather

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today in the eastern part of WA it is rainy and gloomy and wet and cold. I LOVE IT. I always feel happy when it rains. Gives me all the more reason to snuggle up at home and knit.

Didn't finish the mitts today though, I cast on the second Retro Rib sock instead and have been slowly spinning the second half of my roving.

STILL waiting to hear from Best Buy about orientation. I might call tomorrow. I'm not real worried, just that I need to plan around it.

AND today I got an email confirmation from BMFA. Know what that stands for? Ok I'll tell you. I sent in the thing to be in the 2008 Sock Club for Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I'm not sure if the email confirmation is just to say they got it, or if it means I got a spot. I KNOW I'm on a yarn diet, but it's not till next year anyway. I don't think I'll make it past the end of the year... Still that's a pretty good yarn diet. Plus I justify it with the fact that I'll be working.

Ok well more tomorrow, and hopefully a finished pair of mitts!


Melissa said...

Perfect knitting weather! :) Get those mitts done. Slacker. ;)

Opal said...

I love rainy weather! Have you seen the Raven series yet at BMFA? What a terrible time to be on a yarn diet.

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