Friday, November 16, 2007

Yes, the yarn diet is over. I lasted a month. I think that's pretty good considering. Anyway, the reason that I am off the diet is because Chad, oh sneaky husband of mine (well he THINKS he's sneaky) is not appreciating the sacrifice I was making, and is buying stuff. Rather expensive stuff. Snowboarding expensive stuff. SO if he's not going to behave, why should I be sacrificing? This does not mean a yarn buying spree either, but if I want a little something, I'm getting it. Plus I'm working, and I think that I deserve it. Lol. Not that working has been all that difficult, but it's hard when I already have so much going on. School and the kids, and trying to get this business going.

So yes, no more yarn diet. To celebrate that, I bought something from the Yarn Wench this morning when she updated. You can't see it until it arrives though. :)

In other news I am finally almost done with spinning the singles from my Amore bfl roving. I might get to it today. Then I can ply! I'm excited, but also a little worried at how it will come out. So we'll see. Especially after the pink merino escapade.

Oh yes and I'd also like to announce that I'm going to be designing a pattern for a sock club! Yes yes, I'm very excited. I got the yarn the other day in the colorway that will only be available to the club members and I'm swatching for my socks. The club does not start until March, but the deadline to Join is February 15. So if you'd like to join, that's how long you've got. There are also only 20 spots available.

Each club package will have the exclusive colorway, a pattern, and extras in it for the months of March, April and May. So if you're interested, go get a spot!

I have to say that I love this yarn, it's got a little nylon in it for durability, and it's a tad bit shiny. The colors, are gorgeous. I have only seen my own color, and it's super secret, so I can't show you, but trust me I have no doubt they are all just as pretty as mine.

Ok well I think that is enough news for today. Later!


Opal said...

Yay! No more diet! Yay! Sock design! Good news all around. :)

Alpaca Christine said...

Yaay for no more yarn diet just in time for my next dye lot ;D.

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