Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am so in love, with my yarn!!! Yes OMG I finished plying the bfl I was spinning. I actually finished the single yesterday, and started plying last night. I got a good bit done before bed, and finished it today when I got home from work and after the kids went down to nap. Oh it's so nice, and almost perfectly balanced, which is nice after the last escapade.

Here it is plied up on the bobbin, you can see how full it is.Here it is all laid out on my lap after I wound it off the bobbin. It's covering my entire lap. There's a ton of yarn there. This is the most accurate color-wise.
For size, here it is on the keyboard. It's so thick I can't even twist it up any more than that.
And a little detail shot. It's washed out on this one but it's dark and rainy and cruddy out. No good light for pics.
Oh I feel so much better now, knowing I CAN ply and that I got this done. There is over 600 yards from this. It's sock weight, on the thinner side but thicker than some of the sock yarn I've got on hand. I'm so thrilled.

In other news, I had another etsy order! So that's good. I still haven't gotten around to dyeing. I need to do that hopefully tomorrow.

So today we had a big meeting at work, about Black Friday coming up. I was scheduled to be there from 6-12:30, but they needed someone to work tonight and had too many people scheduled this morning. So I left at 9 and am going back at 7 to help with the truck that is arriving tonight. JOY. Lol, no I volunteered. I don't really care much. I will get an extra hour too compared to the original schedule. So that's what I'm doing today. It's almost 4 now, and I have 2 or so hours to kill, and I think I'm either going to start spinning something new (still undecided) or knit.



Opal said...

what gorgeous yarn!

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