Anniversary Weekend

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beware, this is a picture heavy post!

So this past weekend as I mentioned last post, was my anniversary. 4 years, but man does it go fast or what? We didn't go far from home. The resort is probably only a half hour drive from our house, depending on the roads you take. We decided after the rainy week we had that tenting was out, so we rented one of these:
A covered wagon. Yes. Really. It's so neat looking from the outside, a pretty decent size too. Ours was called the Mallard. We chose that one because it was closest to the water and I think it might have been the largest. Here's the inside with all our stuff in it. The bed is on a platform, about queen sized. We put a full sized air mattress on it to sleep.It looks like it's covered in canvas from the inside, the outside is thankfully covered by a tarp. Only a few buggies got in and Chad took care of those. If we hadn't left the door open most of the time they probably wouldn't have.

I don't know if I'd stay in one again however, at least not in the cold. In summer there wouldn't be a problem. Not like it'd have been much better in a tent...

The forcast for the weekend had said high sixties and sun and boy were they wrong. It was cold and rainy. Technically we only spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning there but it felt like much longer. When we got there we unpacked our stuff, and I pretty much immediately wanted a fire. So Chad set to work on the logs with his hatchet and very carefully arranged it all as you can see below.
We managed to even cook with the fire. We took frozen burger patties (which by the way were not that bad) and bacon for the morning. I had a big pot I heated water in and we had hot chocolate. And OH YES, S'mores! I won't say how many I ate...let's just say I felt a bit queasy afterwards.

We did some fishing, mostly Chad. I spent a lot of time reading a book I had bought last year and didn't get past chapter 2 previously. Well I got a lot further. Although the rain and wind made things hard. I kept getting smoke in my eyes and had to move around the fire to avoid it. Regardless it was nice to just sit and read. I haven't done that in years. Pretty much since Nick has been born lol.

I did do some fishing too. This is on Sunday morning. We were both up at 5:30 (who could sleep through the birds and the loons!) and we took out the boat since it was warm and sunny. Here is the biggest one Chad caught, a rainbow trout. We put him back, but had we known that he was going to die the second we put him back we'd have kept it. And he sunk too...
And this little rainbow is mine. He uh...died too. Those two had bad luck. The others we got were fine though.
There wasn't much for great landscape pics since it was cloudy and icky most of the time. In fact, after we woke up to the warm and gorgeous sun shine, and got out on the water of the lake, clouds came in and it started to rain and cold wind blew. Before it did though I got a few pics.
This one I took on Sat I think...this woodpecker just hung around the trees near our wagon all weekend. I finally saw his little hole in one of the birch trees before we left. Here he was trying to find some bugs in the telephone pole, and not having much luck.
So in all even with the sucky weather, it was still a nice weekend. I had fun regardless. I can't wait to go camping sometime this summer, when it's warm and I can relax a little better, and knit. My hands were much to cold to do any knitting even though I brought my swirls sock, and my honeybee stole. (I know, WHAT was I thinking?)

So no knitting to show. And no plied yarn either. The kids have not been napping so I haven't had that 2 hour chunk of time to sit and do it. Especially when the she-child keeps taking her clothes off every five minutes...and yesterday Nicholas had the nerve to bite her and tell me. So I'm constantly refereeing those two.

Well this has been a long post, so here's a pic to leave off. Sugar the cat falling asleep in the most unlikely spot...the edge of the back porch. You should have seen her rocking back and forth...I thought she would fall off!


Knit & Purl Mama said...

That looks like fun!

I got some mail from you today - thank you! Blogging about it tonight.

Hope you had a great anniversary!

Opal said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time. :) That is one big cat! So cute!

Rachel said...

Too bad about the weather, but it looks like you really made the best of it!

monica said...

Too bad about the lousy weather, we have had pretty much the same here. What kind of airflow is there in those covered wagons? I am so claustraphobic I don't think I could stay in one if there is no airflow.

Love the kitty picture.

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