Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, my bobbin definitely doesn't fit. No matter how I try, it doesn't. The bobbin measures at the widest of it, 4.5 inches. The space in between the bars of my flyer is 4 and 3/8. So it's off by a measly 1/8 of an inch. Isn't that absurd? I don't know what is wrong with my flyer, but a new one is more than 80 dollars, so that's not going to happen. I'm sad. When I called the Woolery, they said I could return it. They even went and took one of the plying bobbins and fit it inside a wild flyer. Theirs fit fine. At least I can return it.

Still, I got a package today, which cheered me up a bunch. It was from a family swap I signed up for on Ravelry. My swap pal is in Switzerland, so I got some neat stuff!

A book on Basel, some Ovaltine chocolate, a chocolate bar, and a little box with these puzzle things in it for the kids.The cheese card is a post card, then there are toblerone chocolates, some tea, and a cd.
There were also some books, and finger puppets and stuff for the kids, they took off with it all before I could take a picture of it all.

Lastly were these gorgeous mitts, Mrs. Beetons I believe. I adore the color, the beads (kinda hard to see, but they are on the wrist, and at the edges), everything. I'm not sure what the yarn is, I may be allergic, I got a little burning sensation when I had them on for a few mins. I've decided either way, if I am, I'll wear them over long sleeves! I love them so much.
So it was a great package, and brightened my day immensely.

You might notice that I have changed my blog look again. I got bored with the other. And now that I've discovered how easy it is to find templates and change them, I will probably do so more often. I also added a counter up top, showing how many days it's been since I started my diet. And behaved...

Other than that, not much is going on. I'll be taking the plied yarn off it's bobbin, I'll take a pic of it before I set it. I'm 3/4 done with my Destiny book, the third of four in the Rhapsody series.

Hmm, oh yeah! And my blue moon order finally shipped, so I should have that hopefully by Friday!


Opal said...

Again, so sorry about the bobbin situation. But what a cool swap package! That must have really brightened your day. :)

I love the new look of your blog!

Rachel said...

I really like your new blog look! It's very classy!

Valerie said...

The blog does look really nice. Bravo! Sorry to hear about your bobbin not fitting. Are they going to replace it or just refund your money?

elizabeth marley said...

Too bad your bobbin doesn't fit. I hate that they're so expensive, it definitely makes them hard to replace. But that package is awesome!

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