Sock and Fiber clubs!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I wasn't expecting anything until tomorrow, so I was so excited when both my Loopy Ewe sock club, and my Funky Carolina fiber club showed up! I went up to the post office to mail off some fiber I'm trading for some bobbins, and there they were! Which is great since that means I don't need to make a second trip tomorrow.

Ok so here are my goodies. First, my sock club.

The yarn is the infamous Wollmeise 100% Superwash. The color is Pillars of Fire. It's a gorgeous color, I love it so! The pattern is called the same, and is by Terry Ross. It looks a lot like the Swirls sock actually. So I was just the tiniest bit disappointed. It only has four of the swirly things though, and a different patterning for the top edge, oh and toe up. I still like it though.

Inside the loopy bag, besides the star mints, was this little tool. It's basically a cut off crochet hook (size C) with a hole in it, and attached to a keychain. Cool though! It's called a stitch saver.
Here's a better pic.
Now, my Funky C. fiber!

This first one is the April fiber, superwash merino and called Melancholy. It's prettier in person, trust me.
This next one is one of two items I ordered, and she shipped with my club fiber. The second thing apparently didn't make it into the bag lol. She's sending it along though. This one though, is one of her batts, a new thing she's doing. It's all superwash bfl, which I can't resist much on it's own. BUT IT HAS SPARKLIES. Yes, white and green sparklies are carded into it. I looooves it.
You can just barely see them there at the top edge. It's so pretty I could just sit here and pet it forever. It's mostly purple with green and pink and plum bits carded into it. It will be a shawl of some kind. I don't know which one, but I know that it will be.

In knitting news, I am finishing the first Swirls sock today. I am doing the toe decreases. I picked up and am working on my honeybee stole again. I'm into the 6th of 10 repeats for the first section. It really would go faster if I didn't have such random amounts of time to work on it. Probably because I'm spending WAY more time spinning than knitting too...

I've finished the second bobbin of the superwash merino. A few days ago actually. I plan on plying it today. I can't wait for it to be done! I'm well into the second bobbin of cherrybomb bfl lace singles. It's going fast now. I'm trying to do one strip per day. So it will be a few more days, maybe a week before I can ply it. I'm debating getting the plying bobbin and lace whorl for my wheel. It's expensive, but I'm starting to feel pressured with as thin as my lace as getting, and afraid that I'm still not putting in enough twist on the smallest whorl that I have. And the plying bobbin, well duh! More room!

This weekend is Chad and I's fourth anniversary (May 10) and we are going camping! Probably for Saturday and Sunday, so just one night. I think it will be nice to do something different. The first year we were gifted a hotel and dinner stay at a hotel by my mom, and the second and third years we just went to dinner. Camping, well I haven't gone in a looong time but I always loved it as a kid. I'm looking forward to it (and planning what knitting to take...).

So, another post in a few days, when I've got a finished sock, and finished yarn!


Melissa said...

OOOOOHHHHH! Sparkles!!!! :)

Opal said...

That crochet hook tool is really cool. Have fun camping and Happy Anniversary!

Rachel said...

That crochet hook tool is awesome - what a great idea!

Happy anniversary, too!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I sell those stitch savers in my shop, and just love them!

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